QB Carlton Hill: "The Fire Was Already Here"

USFNation.com sits down ith South Florida Bulls freshmen Quarterback Carlton Hill, and talks about what he did in the off week, him getting more work with the first team offense, the upcoming Bowl game against North Carolina State, and much more. Read on to find out what he had to say.

USFN: How are you doing?
Carlton Hill:
I'm doing good real good, now that exams are done.

USFN: What did you do during your week off?
Carlton Hill: During my week off, I slept. I watched a little film, and did some extra credit work for my classes, but mostly slept.
USFN: How did you do on your exams?
Carlton Hill: I did good on my exams. I studied hard, but I did pretty good
USFN: What was your hardest class?
Carlton Hill: My hardest class has to be college algebra, that was definitely my hardest
USFN: Have you been working more with the first team offensive unit?
Carlton Hill: Yeah I been taking a lot of snaps with the first team, but been taking most of the snaps with the second team. Coach is trying to work me in with the first team more. My reps equal out between first and second team, but a little more with the second team.
USFN: Have you ever been to Charlotte?
Carlton Hill: I've never been to Charlotte, but I've been to Raleigh. I went on a visit to N. C. State.
USFN: Does that give this game a little more meaning to you?
Carlton Hill: yeah a little bit
USFN: Do you know anybody at N. C. State?
Carlton Hill: I only know one player, I know Reggie Davis, I played ball against him up in Tallahassee
USFN: Do you have a lot of family going up to watch?
Carlton Hill:;Most of my family is going up to watch me play"
USFN: Did you think you'd be going to a Bowl Game in your first year as a Bull?
Carlton Hill: Actually I did. Well I was hoping that I would come in and at least help, but the fire was already here, everybody was hungry. But I actually did expect to go to a Bowl game, and win one.
USFN: So your saying that you thought the team would do well this season?
Carlton Hill:; Yeah, I really thought we were going to do something special this season. I was hoping that we would beat Penn State and Miami, but we beat Louisville, and they were a 9th ranked team, and we beat them pretty decently, and that really motivated us for the rest of the season.
USFN: Was the Louisville game your most memorable moment of the season?
Carlton Hill: No, my most memorable moment at Raymond James was my first touchdown against West Virginia, that was my most memorable moment.
USFN: Describe that touchdown for us?
Carlton Hill: It was an option play, and the defensive end kind of hesitated if he was going to take me or Andre, and I gave him two fakes that I was going to pitch it, then I just cut it up, and ran it in for the score, it felt great
USFN: Are you still looking for that passing touchdown?
Carlton Hill: Yeah, I want to get a lot of passing touchdowns. I don't want people to just focus on my running ability. I can pass well also, coach is having me polish up my techniques and stuff. I think I'm going to be a great quarterback for this program, and I want to be known as a complete quarterback

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