Game Grades From The Meineke Bowl

The Bulls played their first ever bowl game today, however, the outcome was not what fans expected. Losing 14-0 to the NC State Wolfpack, the Bulls had a dissapointing showing. hands out game grades position-by-position. Read on to see how they graded out.

Game Grades:

Quarterback: F , Pat Julmiste and Carlton Hill were a combined 9 of 29 for 128 yards. Punter Brandon Baker threw for 31 yards on a fake punt, which was a third of what Julmiste threw for on 27 attempts. Even when the Bulls did make a change to Carlton Hill he fumbled twice. Coming into the game everyone knew the QB situation was a question mark, now it's an even bigger question mark heading into the off-season.

Runningbacks: B+, Without Andre Hall and Ricky Ponton this game could have been even more lopsided. Hall took one series to get rolling but when he did he looked like a man on a mission. However, when playing a great team one player can't do it all. Hall rushed for 118 yards and had one of his best performances of the year. Ricky Ponton added 41 yards on just 8 carries. If there is anything good to take from this game, it's the performance from Ponton. He definitely looks capable of being a feature back next season.

Offensive Line: C-, The line played well in the first half, but without a QB to convert on third down and move the chains it was hard to stick to the run game. NC State is too good of a defensive team to become one dimensional against. When they knew the Bulls were passing it was lights-out. Stephen Tulloch is one of the best D-ends in the country and when he can pin his ears back and speed rush he showed the damage he can do. 15 tackles, 3 sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. Also Thed Watson did not start do due to discipline reasons, but Jerome Springfield filled in and did a decent job against some tough competition.

Wide Receivers: C-, Its hard to put the blame on the receivers with the play of the quarterback. However, in a game like this the receivers need to help a little more. For example, when Julmiste was backed into his own endzone, Amarri Jackson had a chance to bail him out but couldn't come down with the tough catch over the defender. We have been saying all season they are young a young group, but today would have been a good day to step up and make a big play.

Defensive Line: B+, Early on it looked like Andre Brown was going to have his way, but the line turned things around and stopped him nearly every possession after the second series. The only problem was that NC State has two quality backs and when the defense got tired they plugged in Toney Baker. Baker took advantage of a tired line and ran for 93 yards. If USF could have made a couple first downs and scored some points the line would not have been so strained in the second half.

Linebackers: B, Ben Moffitt played one of the best games of his season, early on he was all over the place flying to the ball and making tackles. Nicholas also had a couple nice hits, but once they got worn down there was too much arm tackling. Patrick St. Louis and Nicholas each missed a tackle on Andre Brown on his one yard TD run.

Defensive Backs: C-, On a day when the defense needed to make a play the defensive backs missed on a few. NC State obviously saw something they liked when Mike Jenkins was matched-up in one-on-one coverage. He couldn't get his head around on a 9 yard fade for a touchdown to Brian Clark. Then Clark got him again when he was out jumped on a long 41 yard pass down inside the twenty. They also seemed to be playing too far off the receivers, giving them easy first down catches.

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