Glover No Longer Committed to MSU

LaBrandon Glover was a very early commitment to the Mississippi State Bulldogs back in the month of April but it appears now as if he's no longer committed to State and will look at other options. He even names a brand new leader for his signature.

"I just wanted to call and tell you that I'm not going to Mississippi State. I'm wide open. I'm looking at South Florida or FIU. South Florida has the lead right now," LaBrandon Glover said.

The Bulls took the lead after a visit to Tampa over the weekend.

"Coach Leavitt is such a cool coach. I see during games though that he gets wild. It was a great visit."

LaBrandon has one more visit scheduled and could possibly take another.

"I might take a visit to Ole Miss this week to replace Mississippi State. I go to Illinois on the 27th. I've already been to FIU and South Florida."

Glover said that MSU was upset over him being committed and continuing to take visits and he decided it was best to look at other options. will have more on this situation as it develops…

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