Recruiting: Quick Hits 1/18

With national signing day approaching we here at keep the quick hits coming. We usually don't put them out two days in a row, but we got some new information that we think you'll enjoy. In this batch of Quick Hits we update players like Marcus Udell, Sabbath Joseph, Joel Figueroa and Kevin Alexander. We also know what position the next JUCO player may come from. Read on to get all the goods!

  • What Coach visited Sabbath Joseph today, and how did the meeting go?
  • A new prediction on LB Kevin Alexander
  • Find out what position USF could fill with a JUCO player.
  • Get a new update on the Marcus Udell visit.
  • Our take on Joel Figueroa.
  • The final ‘quick hit' is something that no Bulls fan will want to miss.

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Quick Hits 1/18

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