Last Word: Chris Carothers sits down with the departing seniors. In this feature offensive lineman Chris Carothers talks about his plans after graduation, the friends he's made along the way, memories of Coach Leavitt, big games and much more. Read on for the entire story.

USFNation: What was your most forgettable game as a Bull?
Chris Carothers: In 2003 when we played Southern Miss, and if we won we would have been #1 in C-USA. We were supposed to win the game but we lost 27-6, it felt like life was over. In 2004 playing Army at home for Homecoming, and your supposed to win those, nothing against Army but your supposed too. Anyway, we held that guy Jones to like 14 yards in the first half then he exploded in the second half finishing with 225 yards, and we lost 42-35.

USFN: What players have you become closest with?
CC: The guys on the O-line, they' re my boys. Frank Davis, John Miller. Its like we went to war together, the bonds that we made, going through the adversity that we did it was a great experience. Guys you went through it all with. Derrick Sarosi, Alex Herron, Levi Newton, we've formed bonds that will have for life, they're like my brothers.

USFN: What Coaches have you become closest with?
CC: Coach Frey, I've known him since he started coming around at my High School. He went to the same School I did. He's really a great guy. He's like my Coach, my brother, and my father. Frey's been in my corner for 5 years, and will be the rest of my life.

USFN: After five years at USF, what are you taking away from your College experience?
CC: Well when I first got to USF I was like, I'm going to spend five years here, and it seemed like such a long time. But now it seems it all went by so quickly. So many memories & experiences, it prepares you for more then just football, it prepares you for life.

USFN: When do you graduate?
CC: In may with a communications degree.

USFN: What are your plans after graduation?
CC: I'm not quite sure, I've put a resume on monster .com, but right now I'm training 3 days a week at Velocity sports. I'm working on improving my 40 times, verticals, bench press, all kinds of things. Trying to get ready for Pro Scouts day in March, and hopefully football is still in my life. If not then I guess I'll try and find a job in the Tampa area."

USFN: What is one thing you'll never forget about Coach Leavitt?
CC: The one thing I'll never forget is he's a guy that gave me a chance to play Division one football, he gave me an opportunity to play. Also, him head butting players on the helmets, and at the Syracuse game during halftime he got on a table and was screaming to get us pumped up and he broke the table. He's a great motivator and a mentor, he's been through the fire.

USFN: Where do you see this football program going in 5 years?
CC: Nowhere but up, up, and up. Every year we've been proving people wrong. I can see a Big East title and a National Championship. Not tomorrow but someday, the program will keep building. There is a lot of talent in Florida and as the team gets a higher profile, top recruits will want to come to USF. I would love it if in the future they won a National Championship and I could sit on my couch and say, "I used to play for that school."

USFN: What was your most memorable game?
CC: Playing at Oklahoma in 2002. They were number two in the nation at the time, they had guys like Tommy Harris and Teddy Lehman. Playing a team of that caliber was an honor. In 2002 playing Bowling Green with Urban Meyer, we beat them good 29-7, we were all celebrating on the 50-yard line on the Bull it was a great moment. Going up to Penn State was one of the more thrilling with 110,000 fans screaming the energy was amazing. This year at home against Louisville, nobody gave us much of a chance and put a whooping on them 45-14, the place was going crazy. It was truly an incredible feeling.

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