Last Word: Frank Davis sits down with the departing seniors. In this feature offensive lineman Frank Davis talks about his plans after graduation, the friends he's made along the way, memories of Coach Leavitt, big games and much more. Read on for the entire story.

Frank Davis OL 6'3-310lb

2005: He was the strongest, and one of the most experienced lineman on the roster, starting all 12 games at Left tackle.

USFNation: After five years at USF what are you taking away from your College experience?
Frank Davis: Memories, A lot of memories, and a lot of real good times. It also taught me how to deal with situations in football, school, and life.

Davis opened a lot of holes for Hall.

USFN: What was your most memorable game?
Davis: One of my more memorable games was Oklahoma in 2002. They were No. 2 at the time, we had a touchdown called back, it was a DeJuan Green pitch to Brian Fisher that they called a forward pass, it was still a great experience. My first memorable game was my first start in 2002 against Charleston-Southern, that was a great feeling. Also going to Alabama in 2003, we were up 17-0, it was amazing, then we let the game slip away and we lost but it still a good feeling. Going down to Miami in the Orange Bowl with all their history and the players was unforgettable.

USFN: What players have you become closest with?
Davis: When I was a freshman I was close with a lot of the guys who left already. I was close with C.J. Lewis, but he transferred. I'm close with the guys on the line, John Miller, Chris Carothers. I also became real close with Andre Hall, we were up in Georgia for the past six weeks training. Being up there with somebody you know was cool. He was real glad when I got there also. He said that me being there made it a lot easier on him.

USFN: What Coaches have you become closest with?
Davis: I'm real close with Coach Frey. He's a real good guy. Also Mac, in the weight room, and all of the training staff.

USFN: What was your most forgettable game as a Bull?
Davis: My most forgettable game would have to be the last game we played against N.C State in the Meineke Bowl. It was our first bowl game, and we didn't play well, losing 14-0 was not the way I wanted to go out. Another game was this year at UConn, if we would have won we would have played West Virginia for the Big East title, but we lost and it's a game we should have won. Also when went to Alabama in 2003, and everyone said how good they were, we went up 17-0, and then let it slip away and lost 40-17.

USFN: When do you graduate?
Davis: I graduate in May with a Management Information Degree.

USFN: What are your plans after graduation?
Davis: Right now I'm training a lot, I just got back from training in Georgia for six weeks. I'm working out, getting ready for the NFL Draft and hopefully I'll be playing football. If football doesn't work out, I'll find a job. I'm not one of those people who will get down. I'll just find a job. But for now I'm concentrating on getting myself ready. Coach Leavitt said there has been some interest in me. He believes I can do well, so we'll see. I feel like I'm beginning a new career with a new team, but I will never forget my time at USF, everybody is like family.

USFN: What is one thing you'll never forget about Coach Leavitt?
Davis: The one thing I'll never forget about coach Leavitt is his energy. His energy level is incredible. It seems he never runs out of gas. He's amazing, I Think he's like that every second of his life.

USFN: Where do you see this football program going in 5 years?
Davis: We got a really good team right now and I think well be giving competition to a lot of teams that wouldn't expect it. I think the team will go far. I would really like it if they do something big next year.

USF Career:

2005: He was the strongest, and one of the most experienced lineman on the roster, starting all 12 games at Left guard.

2004 - South Florida: Playing left guard, he started in 10 games straight going back to the last four games of 2003, before an ankle injury caused him to miss four games, before returning in the final game of the season.

2003 - South Florida: Playing left guard, he had five starts, and started the final four games of the season.

2002 - South Florida: He saw action through out the season as both left tackle and left guard. He played in nine games and had one start at left tackle.

High School:

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