Last Word: Tim Jones sits down with the departing seniors. In this feature Defensive lineman Tim Jones talks about his time spent at South Florida. Including memorable games, good friends, plans after graduation and much much more.

Tim Jones DL 6'2 - 277 lb
2005 stats: Played in all 12 games, recording 38 tackles, 24 of them solo, 8.5 tackles for-a- loss, 3 sacks, 3 passes defended, and 1 quarterback hurry on the season.

USFNation: What have you been doing since the season ended?
Tim Jones: Training, trying to get into the league. I have been lifting, running, a lot of training, and all that kind of stuff. We had the Pro Timing Day last Friday. I think I did pretty good. I also took some test for the Colts, and the Cowboys worked me out a little bit, so we'll see.

USFN: After five years at USF, what are you taking away from your College experience?
Jones: I think through college I matured, as a man and also in my schoolwork and everything. Coming in I didn't take it that serious, then I took some classes that were very interesting, and I focused on my schoolwork. Also friends, I developed a lot of friendships.

USFN: When do you graduate?
Jones: I graduate in May with a degree in interdisciplinary social science.

USFN: What are your plans after graduation?
Jones: My plans after graduation well I'm married, and my wife is pregnant. We're hoping that she has the baby after graduation, she's due on the 12th, that's a big thing. We're hoping she has it after graduation that way we can both walk across the stage. I'm just happy to graduate, thats the most important thing. When you get offered a free education, you have to take advantage of that and graduate.

USFN: What players have you become closest with?
Jones: The seniors, over the years I've become close with all the seniors. Terrence (Royal), Johnnie (Jones), John (Miller), Jon Simmons, everyone of the seniors, I could tell you some stories. Johnnie, Terrence, and me all came in at the same time over the summer. We've been through a lot together.

USFN: What Coaches have you become closest with?
Jones: I've become very close with coach Rachel. One thing about coach Rachel is he just spontaneously shouts at you, then starts smiling, it gets you all confused but he's really a great guy, he cares about the players.

USFN: What is one thing you'll never forget about Coach Leavitt?
Jones: Well Coach Leavitt is a different type of a guy, but one thing I'll never forget is the rain dance. You know the Indian rain dance to make it rain? Well he does one to make the rain go away so that way we could practice. In the summer time it rains so much. He's crazy, that's a good adjective to describe him, crazy.

USFN: What were some of your more memorable games?
Jones: The first game that comes to mind, and my most memorable would have to be Louisville this year that was an incredible game and an incredible feeling. Then there was Bowling Green in 2002. That's when they had that high power offense and they scored that first touchdown, and everybody was like oh man were going to get blown out. Then they missed the field goal and after that we beat them 29-7. Another game was Pittsburgh my freshmen year, we went up there and weren't supposed to win, beat them like 35-26. I've been in a couple of really good games

USFN: What are some games that you would like to forget?
Tim Jones: There are a few games that I like to forget. There are two of them that come right off the top of my head. The First one is Utah, when played at Utah. They beat the crap out of us. It was like 35 to 0 in the first half, it was bad (52-21 loss). The other Game is when we went to Arkansas my sophomore year. It was the same story. (42-3 loss) I went against Sean Andrews and he was a monster, he plays guard for the Eagles now. I was young, I was only weighing like 225-230 and he was like 300 something and it was a battle. Those are two games I'd like to forget. I don't regret any games this year because we played so hard, we gave it our all, we made mistakes but we gave it our all. Getting beat as bad as we did those other two games, they just murdered us. There is one more game I like to forget. In 2003 we played TCU and they broke our home winning streak (10-13 loss) and that's one we should a have won, that one hurt real bad.

USFN: Where do you see this football program going in 5 years?
Jones: There's nowhere for it to go but up, we built the foundation. Now they have to build on our success. I see us probably competing for a conference championship now, but in 5 years, I look at the big picture, and we have the talent around here to do it, I see us competing for a National championship, honestly.

USF Career
2005 - South Florida: Played in all 12 games, recording 38 tackles, 24 of them solo, 8.5 tackles for-a- loss, 3 sacks, 3 passes defended, and 1 quarterback hurry on the season.

2004 - South Florida: Utilized a red shirt season.

2003 - South Florida: He finished with 48 tackles, including 13 for losses, and had 2.5 sacks, while starting in all 11 games at left end. In USF's first ever game against Army, he had a season-high seven tackles with a school-record five of those for losses. He also had two six-tackle efforts vs. TCU and vs. Nicholls State.

2002 - South Florida: He started at tight end and caught two passes for 34 yards in season opener before moving to defensive end in Game three. He finished with five sacks, 27 total tackles, eight tackles for loss, and five sacks. He had two five-tackle games at Oklahoma, and vs. Memphis. He also registered two sacks against Memphis and Houston, giving him four sacks against C-USA opponents.

2001 - South Florida: In his rookie season he saw action in all 11 games while starting in three.He Caught four passes for 26 yards and a touchdown, and caught a two-point conversion. He also had nine tackles on special teams.

KATHLEEN HIGH SCHOOL - He was first team all-region and second team all-state. Was Number one tight end and number 17 overall in the state of Florida, according to In his senior season he was named both Offensive and Defensive MVP. He also played in Florida-Georgia All-Star Game, where he played both tight end and defensive end…. Had a broken leg in his junior season but still remained a highly recruited tight end in Florida, and opted for USF over Miami. He participated in track & field, where he finished fifth in the state in the discus.

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