Projected Spring Offensive Depth Chart

With spring practice starting on Tuedsay, previews the projected offensive depth chart. This is not an official depth chart, it's who the USFnation staff projects as the starters.

1)Carlton Hill (Sophomore)- In limited action last season Hill did not play exceptionally well. However, with an entire spring to work with the number one offense, the coaching staff is molding him into their long-term answer behind center.

2) Matt Grothe (RS Freshman)- This is his spring to show what he is made of and most likely jump PJ on the depth chart. He was a leader in high school and if Grothe can carry that over to the college game he will earn the backup job for next season.

3) Pat Julmiste (Senior)- He was the starter last year, but after very inconsistent play Julmiste is likely done as a starter at USF. However, he still brings leadership and knowledge like no other player on the roster.

Running Back:
1)Ricky Ponton (Sophomore)- Ricky has big shoes to fill with the departure of Andre Hall, the best back in USF history. Ponton has good size and runs well inside and out.

2) Moise Plancher (RS Freshman)- Everyone has heard about the speed and the quickness of Plancher, this spring will be his chance to live up to the hype. After redshirting last season he will finally be able to show what he's got.

Wide Receiver:
1) Amarri Jackson (Junior)- After a decent first season, Jackson will be counted on to really step up and be the man to make plays down the field. He needs to improve on last year's drops.

2) Jackie Chambers (Junior)- Chambers was the most reliable receiver last season and is a good compliment to Amarri Jackson. Toward the end of the season it seemed that Chambers improved running after the catch. This could be a big plus with a young QB like Hill.

3) SJ Green (Senior), Amp Hill (Junior), Jesse Hester (Sophomore), Taurus Johnson (Sophomore)- This is where spring practice gets interesting. All these guys are solid receivers, but one of them has to win the job. Right now I give Amp Hill the edge, but its pretty wide-open.

Tight End:
1) Cedric Hill (Sophomore)- Hill is such an intriguing player at this position. His size and speed cause big match-up problems for the defense, but his inexperience is the only thing holding him back. Needless to say, it will be an important spring for Hill.

2) Will Bleakley (Senior)- He's got more size than Hill and will most likely be used in running situations.

Left Tackle:
1) Thed Watson (Senior)- Watson was a JUCO transfer last year and early on proved he was the man for the job. His best game came against Louisville where he shut down All-American defensive end Elvis Dumervill.

2) Jerome Springfield (Junior)- There is no doubt he has great size, but conditioning has been an issue for the big man. If he can cut some weight and get into better playing shape, Springfield could make a run at the starting job.

3) Danny Tolley (RS Freshman)- Tolley used the last year to lose some weight and add muscle. This will be his first spring to prove himself.

Left Guard:
1) Matt Huners (RS Sophomore)- This will be Huners third year on the team and it's his time to step up and be a starter on the offensive line. At 6-foot-3 and close to 300 pounds Huners has all the tools to be a great player.

2) Danny Tolley (RS Freshman)- Tolley will most likely get a look at multiple positions on the offensive line.

1) Nick Capogna (Junior) Jake Griffin (Sophomore)- Neither is a true center, but both will be competing for the starting position. If Capogna can add weight he probably will have the edge.

Right Guard:
1) Jake Griffin (Sophomore), Walter Walker (Junior)- This depends a lot on whether or not Griffin wins the starting center job. Walker has better size, but needs to prove he's good enough on the field to deserve a starting job.

Right Tackle:
1) Marc Dile (Sophomore)- Had a great year considering he was starting as a freshman. Expect him to keep his starting job through spring.

2) Walter Walker (Junior)- Most likely won't beat out Dile, but could see action at another position on the line.

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