Practice Report: Day 1

Today was the start of Spring Practice and has the first in-depth report of the season. Find out which quarterback looked good, number changes, who gained weight and much more. Get if First, Get it Fast.

Today was the first day of Spring Practice '06, and the start of a new quarterback battle. If battles were decided by who made it to practice first, then Pat Julmiste would be your winner. Julmiste was running around on the field for five minutes before anyone else even came out. The second player out on the field was Matt Grothe, followed by Carlton Hill. Hill is the starter coming in, but will be pushed hard by Grothe and Julmiste.

Everyone looked refreshed and excited to be back on the grass rather than the weight room.

"I'm just happy to be back" said linebacker Stephen Nicholas, when asked how his spring break was. Nicholas is returning for his senior year and will be depended on to be a leader.

Grant Gregory not only switched numbers from 12 to 20, but he also switched positions. Gregory is now working with the secondary as a strong safety.

Denson has a new jersey number, 8.

The new QB depth chart order is Hill, Julmiste, Grothe.

Amarri Jackson gained fifteen pounds and is up to 215.

DB Jeremy Burnett has gained 8 pounds and is up to 198 from last seasons 190.

Jackie Chambers put on a few pounds and tips the scales at 190, up 8 lbs from the end of last season.

DT Frank Harry says he's between 280-285, and looked quick and strong in individual drills.

More weight change updates tomorrow.

7-on-7 Stats:
Carlton Hill- 10 of 14, Hill was the only QB that was looking deep. He did dump the ball underneath a few times but his best throw was a 46 yard bomb to Darren Halliburton who made a great catch over the safety.

Pat Julmiste- 8 of 11, Pat still showed some of the inconsistencies of last year by under-throwing two wide-open receivers. However his arm strength was excellent today.

Matt Grothe- 6 of 10, Matt didn't look deep very often, but it was a very respectable start for the redshirt freshman. He looked a little hesitant throwing over the middle, but his sideline throws were on the money.

Other notables from 7-on-7:
Cedric Hill had several nice catches over the middle including a 16 yard dart from Hill.

Amarri Jackson was thrown to a lot, and was catching everything out in front of his body using his hands, rather than letting the ball get in on his chest.

Jesse Hester had a nice 22 yard catch.

On defense; Ryan Gilliam had a diving pass break-up on a sideline pass, while Stephen Nicholas nearly picked off Carton Hill but couldn't haul it in. Also Jamaal Jenkins was working with the second team today.

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