QB Hill Talks After First Practice

Carlton Hill talks with USFnation.com after the first day of spring practice. Hill is entering this season as the number one QB. Read on to find out what he did this offseason, what he feels he needs to do to keep the job and more.

Although Carlton Hill played in 11 games last season, only a handful of those were at the quarterback position. Last season Hill flirted with the idea of playing receiver, but after a not-so-breakout performance, coupled with inconsistent play at QB by Pat Julmiste, Hill now finds himself entering spring as the number one signal caller.

Hill brings something that nobody else on the roster does, and that's the ability to make something out of nothing. Sure, all the other QB's are mobile and have strong arm's, but Hill brings that "X factor" coaches so often talk about. It's the ability to turn a 7 yard loss into a momentum changing first down. Everyone who watched Hill through high school knows he has the potential, now it's time to turn that potential into a reality.

"It feels good just to be out here playing some football" Hill says about being back on the field. " I get to learn some new things, and have fun with my teammates."

However, two of those teammates are trying to take his job. Pat Julmiste and Matt Grothe are both pushing Hill in what has become a competitive, yet friendly, QB battle. Julmiste was the starter last year and the number two now. Grothe used his redshirt and has had a year to watch from a distance. All three are very close and it's going to be a wild spring. You can't help but wonder if Hill is a little nervous with those two breathing down his neck.

"I'm not nervous" says Hill. "Coming into the spring as the starting quarterback I realize that I have to be very humble, because my position could be gone anytime if I let it slip. Not that I have any intentions of just letting myself slip. But I still have to be aware of certain things, to keep doing my best to keep that number one spot."

In order to hold on to the starting job Hill said he did a number of things this offseason to help himself this spring.

"I just been training hard everyday with my teammates in the weight room, practicing, basically everything that I can do to get better."

Hill is also looking ahead and knows what he wants to accomplish during spring drills.

"I'm going to do the same things that I did in the off season, and the things that I had trouble with like some reads and some assignments that I missed. I'm just trying work on those things and get better. We also got a new system in, a couple of new plays, so I'm going to try to work on perfecting them as well."

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