Spring Practice Report: Day 2

Today was the final practice without any contact. Tomorrow the pads go on and the hitting begins. Inside is a full report of what went on during practice today including injury reports, 7-on-7 stats, who was working with the first team, and much more. Also find out what local recruits were spotted on the sideline. Only on USFNation.com - Get it First, Get it Fast.

Today's practice was like the calm before the storm. When the pads go on tomorrow the intensity will be up and it will be easier to see who is really looking good out there. On days like today, everyone should be playing like an All-American. There were however, some interesting tidbits from today's practice.

Practice Notes:
Julian Riley was working with the tight ends today. He looked a little out of place, but seemed to be catching the ball well. When 7-on-7's started Coach Leavitt made him put on a green jersey to match the offense.

Jackie Chambers sat out a majority of practice with a groin injury.

Carlton Williams did not participate in 7-on7's due to a quad injury. He was replaced by Louis Gachette.

The honeymoon period appears to be over for new defensive Coach Bernard Clark and the Dline, as he was hollering and really getting on a couple of the guys.

Early in practice Pat Julmiste threw a ball over the head of tight end Cedric Hill and Coach Leavitt came running in from about 40 yards away to very loudly tell PJ, that type of throw can not be tolerated.

Carlton Hill left practice at about 4:30 today. Not sure what the reason was, but I heard him receiving directions from a coach on how to go somewhere and he was told not to be late. Didn't seem like anything more than either an appointment or a class. Regardless of what it was, he missed basically the entire practice and Pat took the snaps as the number one.

Freshman running back Moise Plancher injured his hamstring on a simple non-contact sweep play.

First team O-line for today was Marc Dile, Walter Walker, Nick Capogna, Jake Griffin, Thed Watson. Will Bleakley (running plays) & Cedric Hill (Passing plays).

Second team O-line was Nick Carnes, Matt Huners, Jason Fox, Danny Tolley, Jerome Springfield.

7-on7 Stats:
Pat Julmiste- 6 of 10, PJ looked good early, just missing Marcus Edwards on a deep ball. The ball was over thrown, but the coaches praised him for at least giving Edwards a chance by leading him. His biggest mistake came on a short pass over the middle that was picked off by Stephen Nicholas. It was a seam route and PJ put too much air under it.

The play of the day was by Cedric Hill who made a diving catch along the sidelines. However, he hit his head on the play and sat out the rest of 7-on-7's. Afterward he told USFnation he was just a little shook up and had some blurred vision, but said he would be fine.

Player Weight Updates:
CB Carlton Williams bulked up to 215 from last seasons playing weight of 203.

Matt Grothe has put on about 15 pounds and is up to 205.

Stephen Nicholas has put on some muscle and is up to 229.

Former QB Grant Gregory Has put on 7 pounds of muscle and is up to 212 lbs.

DB Jerome Murphy went from 175 last season to 183.

TE Ben Busbee put on 5 pounds 245 up from 240.

Jamere Johnson from Wharton High School was on hand to watch practice. You should remember him from one of my "Local Talent" stories from about a month ago. He is a 6-foot-5 DE/TE. He has already attended Junior Day's at Auburn and Miami.

Plant QB Robert Marve was also there along with his coach. Both were at the Jacksonville scout.com combine on Sunday. Look for a story from the combine up shortly.

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