DB Ryan Gilliam Q&A

Ryan Gilliam talks with USFnation.com after the second day of spring practice. Gilliam is entering this season as a defensive back, but may see some action at receiver. Read on to find out what he did this offseason, what he feels he needs to do to be a better player and more.

Gilliam is a versatile athlete that plays football and runs track. He can play either receiver or cornerback. He's Competitive, quick, speedy, physical, and a leader. He originally committed to FSU then signed with Oregon where he had 13 tackles playing cornerback as a redshirt freshman. He then transferred to USF in 2005 and had to sit out the NCAA mandatory transfer season, but is now ready to make an impact with the Bulls.

USFNation.com: How does it feel to be out here?
Ryan Gilliam: I love it, I love South Florida, it feels good to be back in my home state, playing football, running track, living my scholarship.

USFNation.com: What have you been doing in the off season?
Ryan Gilliam: Running my but off, I'm blessed with speed, so I got to keep my legs healthy. Even if I'm not doing any teams stuff , I'm always doing something, like running or squats, something to help keep my legs strong.

USFNation.com: How are your legs feeling?
Ryan Gilliam: They are feeling a  little heavy today, I have track practice at 3:00 and football practice at 4:00, so after all that my legs get a bit heavy.

USFNation.com: Speaking of speed, How fast are you, and what is you game weight?
Ryan Gilliam: Right now I'm about 175 pounds, when I was playing ball I was 183, but running track made me lose that, but I'd like to get back to 180 pounds. When I was at Oregon I broke or tied the school record in the 40 with a 4.27, but I haven't run the 40 since then for a few reasons; one reason is I can't improve on that time, I was 18 then, now I'm 21, also I run a lot of track, I run the 100, 200, I run the 100 in 10.5, but I'm trying to get it down to 10.3 - 10.4

USFNation.com: How does it feel playing cornerback?
Ryan Gilliam: I love playing corner back, I'm real confident there. I got some D-I experience playing at Oregon, on defense is where my swagger is.

USFnation.com: Do you think you'll be playing any offense?
Ryan Gilliam:  Right now I haven't had the opportunity to learn the offensive plays, so I don't think right now the coach would have the confidence to put me out there, but hopefully I'll make some plays on defense, and you'll want to see the ball in my hands.

USFNation.com: What are some things your trying to work on out here?
Ryan Gilliam: For Football, I got to get stronger, I got to be able to be a more physical corner, If I can add that to my game, I can help out South Florida a lot.

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