Practice Report Day 3: Full Pads

Today was the first day of full pads, the energy was up and so was the intensity. Read on to get all the inside info straight from the practice field. - Get it First, Get it Fast!

Today was the first day of full pads and the first player out on the field was newcomer Frank Harry. When he ran out, Coach Leavitt said, "It's been a long time without pads Frank." And Harry replied, "I can't wait to start hitting!" As he ran past, Leavitt took a minute to watch him run down the field. He gave him the same look that you would give a beautiful car sitting in your garage. You got the feeling Leavitt was taking a second to admire the work that he's done in recruiting.

After a quick sprinting session and stretching, the guys got right after it and went to board drills. Board drills are when an offensive and defensive player straddle a board and basically go at each other until one of the two is buried in the grass. It was hard to tell if the players or coaches enjoyed the hitting more.

Once again Carlton Hill left practice early to get to a night class. This was the second day in a row, but coach Leavitt said he will be ready to go Saturday morning.

Another Early exit for Carlton Hill.

Here are the rest of the notes from practice:

9-on-9 rushing drill
Today's starting defense during 9-on-9 rushing drills was Louis Gachette and Danny Verpaele at safety, Stephen Nicholas, Patrick St. Louis and Ben Moffitt at linebacker, George Selvie, Richard Clebert, Tavarious Robinson, Josh Julmiste on the Dline. Jarriett Buie switched in and out frequently.

Today's starting offense during 9-on-9 rushing drills were Julmiste at QB, Ricky Ponton at RB, Marc Dile, Walker, Nick Capogna, Jake Griffin, Thed Watson. Hill and Bleakley switched in and out almost every play at tight end.

The theme to this drill was "GET TO THE BALL!" After every play the coaches would scream this to the defenders who were not around the ball carrier after the tackle. They would either tell them to get over to the ball carrier or physically throw them in that direction.

Defensive Tackle Allen Cray made a couple nice stops in the backfield, which drew praise from new coach Bernard Clark.

Brouce Mompremier also had a great hit on Benjamin Williams on the last play of the drill. He came bursting through the line and nailed Williams 4 yards deep on the offensive side.

Matt Grothe also earned the number one spot, briefly, while Pat Julmiste was sent to the locker to change his socks. Julmiste was wearing black socks rather than the white socks coach Leavitt prefers. He did come back about a half hour later and took back the number one position.

7-on-7 passing drill
With the absence of Carlton Hill, PJ and Grothe each got a few more reps than the previous days. During today's drill it was noticeable that the emphasis was on short passes and throwing to the tight end. That is why the completion numbers are so high.

Pat Julmiste- 6 of 9, Didn't attempt a pass for more than 20 yards. PJ did a good job of hitting his tight ends in stride.

Matt Grothe- 7 of 8, Once again Grothe was throwing a perfect out-route. After three days of practice it's probably his best throw, rarely missing on it.

Denson received a lot of praise from coach Rachel today on his play at corner.

Coach Carl Franks was signaling in the plays from the sideline to the quarterbacks.

Amp Hill caught a 25 yard pass between the corner and the safety along the sidelines before being blasted out of bounds. The throw came from walk-on Anthony Severino.

Sophomore Antwane Cox shuffled in and out with Courtney Denson as second team corner.

Jesse Hester continues to catch everything thrown in his direction.

Goaline drills
The offense definitely got the best of the defense in this one. The offense scored on 7 of 17 attempts, but the defense never stopped them four times in a row, which would be a goaline stand.

There were two real highlights from this drill. One was Matt Grothe's 5 yard touchdown run where he shook former quarterback Grant Gregory on the goaline for an easy score. The other was a touchdown pass from Pat Julmiste to receiver Ean Randolph in the back of the endzone.

Besides the defenses inability to consistently stop the offense, there was one more area for concern. On extra point attempts the long snapping was a problem. At least three times long snapper Ben Busbee one-hopped holder Anthony Severino.

More Practice Notes
Defensive lineman Eric Thomas will not return from injury, he is now a student assistant on the coaching staff. He was out on the field today working with the linemen as they went through drills.

Eric Thomas without the pads.

Moise Plancher sat out today's practice and mostly road a stationary bike as the team went through drills.

Jason Fox saw time with the second string offensive line at the center position.

Nick Schuyler is switching from defensive end to fullback. Coach Leavitt could be heard saying, "Get this man a green jersey (offense wears green), he's a beautiful looking fullback."

Plant QB Robert Marve was at practice for the second day in a row.

A couple kids from Seabreze were on hand, but none that USF will seriously consider.

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