WR Amp Hill Q&A

Wide Receiver Amp Hill talks with USFnation.com after the first day of wearing full pads. Hill was a former prep standout from Jacksonville, and an LSU tranfer. He now plans to make an impact on the Bulls receiving game. Read on to find out what he did this offseason, what he feels he needs to do to be a better player and more.

Anthony Hill "Amp"

Anthony "Amp" Hill out of Jacksonville's First Coast High School, was one of the best wide receiver prospects to come out of the state of Florida and also in the country in 2002. His two years at LSU were hampered by a 2003 knee injury, he then transferred to USF on scholarship and sat out the 2005 season due to mandatory NCAA Rules. He has two years of eligibility remaining.

Hill said his injury wasn't a problem, and he transferred because he was unhappy with playing time he was getting as a reserve at LSU. Hill figures to be a key component in the Bulls revamped passing attack in 2006.

USFNation: How's it feel back at first week of practice?
Amp Hill: It feels really good to be back around the guys, throwing the ball around a bit. We had a real good day conditioning, being back on the field, doing some things with the ball.

USFNation: What have you been doing in the off season?
Amp Hill: We have various workouts, being in the weight room, conditioning, and running, things like that versus doing 7-7 drills on the field like what we're doing now.

USFNation: What are you trying to work on now that your out here?
Amp Hill: Just get in timing with all the quarterbacks, route running, making sure I run all my routes correctly, catching all the balls thrown to me and securing the ball, and making plays as a receiver.

USFNation: What would you say are your strengths as a player?
Amp Hill: I think I run good routes and catch the ball real well. I feel if you can get the ball in my hands I can make something happen with it.

USFNation: Is there anything you like to work on as a player?
Amp Hill: I like to work on my explosiveness, and a better understanding of the route coverage's.

USFNation: How's the knee feeling?
Amp Hill: It's holding up good I'm wearing this brace, its a specialized brace they got made for me, for support and protection. My knee is not exactly the same, but it's real close, I think I came back close all the way through rehab and everything.

USFNation.com: What Is your playing weight?
Amp Hill: I'm about 6'3 200 pounds now, but on the field I want to be around 205, that way I can knock around the linebackers a little bit. I should be there by fall.

USFNation: How does it feel to be wearing pads again?
Amp Hill: It feels good, it feels real good to be back in them. I haven't had pads on since way back before the Bowl Game. Everybody's looking good out there, whoever's throwing me the ball I'm just going to try and run my routes, and be in the right place at the right time.

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