Moving Forward Without Andre Hall

Ricky Ponton and Moise Plancher have the incredible task this year of replacing one of South Florida's greatest players ever. In this article we talk to both players about what they need to do to replenish the offense left behind by Andre Hall. Also included is Moise Plancher's high school highlight tape. Since Plancher was redshirted last year many people forget what he is capable of. Read on for the rest of the story plus the BONUS video.

Last year Andre Hall rushed for 1,374 yards with 13 touchdowns. That's 1,001 yards and 11 touchdowns more than this year's starter Ricky Ponton. To say Ponton has large shoes to fill would be a gross understatement. However, his task will not be to replace Hall, but to "effectively fill-in" for Hall. The rest of the offense will be forced to pickup the slack and be more of a factor than they were while Hall was here, especially the passing game.

Ricky Ponton will also get help by a fairly unknown back named Moise Plancher, also known as "Mo" by his teammates. Plancher is a 5-foot-9, 190 pound speedster out of Barron Collier High School in Naples. After being redshirted last season this will be his first year of playing on the college level.

The reason these two compliment each other on the field is because of their contrasting styles. Ponton weighs 15 lbs more than Mo and is two inches taller. He will be more of the every-down, bruising, take time off the clock runner. While Mo will come in and use his quickness to finish off a tired defense. He is the type of runner who has the ability to hit a homerun on every play.

"My strengths are in my vision and balance." Says Plancher, who has shown incredible moves in the open field.

During the offseason he concentrated mostly on the weight room, but now that spring practice is here Plancher is working on more than just his size, "I'm working on my speed and holding on to the ball. I've also got to get a little more flexibility, open my stride, and keep running."

Ponton has the size, but will be concentrating more on his speed. "I'm just thinking speed, speed and more speed. The offseason helped a lot. The coaches pushed us real hard, but we got through it."

Spring feels a little different to Ponton for another reason, this year he's the one taking the reps with the first team. "Yeah, it's a little different, little nicer then last year, but we'll see"

Hopefully we'll see this duo combine for the 1,300 yards and the 13 touchdowns left behind by the departure of Hall. It may be a year to soon to expect big things from Plancher, but he'll still be a valuable asset to this revamped offense.

See why the coaches think Plancher will be special:

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