Spring Practice Day 5: Hill Breaks-out

Today was the fifth day of practice and the QB battle is in high gear. Get all the inside info from today's practice. Included are details from board drills, 7-on-7's, the scrimmage and much more. Also get the scoop on which recruits and former players were on the sidelines. Only on USFNation.com - Get it First, Get it Fast!

Today's practice was the fifth overall and fourth the media was allowed to view. Practice opened with special teams kickoff/kickoff return. Then moved to board drills, followed by position drills. The excitement picked up with 7-on-7's and finished with a full team scrimmage and goaline drills.

Board Drills

Here is the rundown from today's workout:

Practice Notes:
A couple notable absences were Thed Watson and Frank Harry, nothing major, we hear it was school related.

Today's starting offensive line was a bit mixed up today due to Thed Watson's absence, but it looked like this; LT Danny Tolley, LG Matt Huners, C Jake Griffin, RG Walter Walker, RT Marc Dile.

Today's starting defensive line was; LE George Selvie, NT Allen Cray, DT Tavarious Robinson, RE Josh Julmiste.

AD Doug Woolard was on the field for the first hour of practice.

Marquel Blackwell was at practice working with the QB's

Moise Plancher was again held out of all contact drills.

QB depth chart; Carlton Hill, Pat Julmiste, Matt Grothe.

Matt Grothe switched numbers from 13 to 8. 8 was the number he wore in high school.

Marquel Blackwell at practice

7-on-7 Drill:
Carlton Hill- 9 of 17, 2 INT. Hill showed great arm strength, but also may have gotten a little too comfortable, throwing two picks over the middle.

Pat Julmiste- 9 of 10. Julmiste threw mostly to the tight ends and dump offs.

Matt Grothe- 7 of 9. Grothe looked good, continues to throw a great out-route and even received praise from Coach Dawsey after going 3 of 4 during one of his rotations.

On defense Trae Williams took over. Usually its hard for a defensive player to stand out in this drill but Williams did today. He had a diving pass breakup and picked Hill off twice.

Amp Hill came to play today, catching several balls. The highlight of the drill came when he made a diving one-handed catch on the sidelines all while keeping one foot inbounds. He was also leveled on another sideline catch by linebacker Patrick St. Louis, but he got up and was on the field for the very next play. He also had a 30 yard catch going over the top of Trae Williams.

Chambers broke out of his slump and caught a few balls. He had a nice catch from the slot position, where the ball was underthrown, but he used his hands to scoop it up.

The team got together after the final break and lined up for a short scrimmage. On the first play Carlton Hill showed why the coaches have him number one. From the shotgun he faked a handoff, took the ball up the middle shook two tackles and broke it outside for a 60 yard TD run. The very next play he ran for another 10 yards and a first down.

Hill only threw two passes and completed both, one to Cedric Hill for a 17 yard gain and another the other a screen pass to Amarri Jackson that he turned into a 12 yard gain.

Julmiste completed his only pass to Marcus Edwards for 20 yards.

Ricky Ponton rushed the ball 4 times for 15 yards.

Courtney Denson came out with the starters and made a great open field tackle against Ricky Ponton.

Benjamin Williams rushed 3 times for 8 yards.

Jerome Murphy ended the scrimmage with a hard hit on tight end Will Bleakley who caught a lob pass from Matt Grothe.

Matt Grothe was only in for about 5 plays and threw one pass.

Today's goaline was cut short due to the scrimmage. The defense played better only allowing the offense to get in the endzone twice on 6 plays. Carlton Hill ran one in from the five and Benjamin Williams also snuck in from the two.

Jerome Murphy had another big hit, stopping Benjamin Williams in his tracks short of the goaline.

Jerrell Young and Zach Hermann were both at practice while on their spring break.

Collin Boss OL from Lakewood Ranch was there from beginning to end.

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