Danny Verpaele Q&A

In this interview with DB Danny Verpaele, he talks about recovering from his injury, putting the pads on again, new DB's Coach Troy Douglas and much more. Get it only on USFNation.com

USFNation: How's are things going out there?
Danny Verpaele: things are going good, working hard, learning new stuff.

USFN: How does it feel to be back?
Danny Verpaele: It feels real good, it really stunk sitting out and watching last year.

USFN:What did you do in the off-season?
Danny Verpaele: I Just rehabbed my foot and got it better, worked out with my speed coach back home, same work outs we always do, just try and stay in shape.

USFN: How is the foot?
Danny Verpaele: 100 percent, it feels great, I ran a 4.48 out here. USFN: What are your assets as a player?
Danny Verpaele: I'm very coachable.

USFN: Is there anything your trying to work on out here?
Danny Verpaele: Try to work on my technique, our new coach out here is teaching us some good stuff, so I'm just trying to better my technique, and tighten up.

USFN: Where do they have you lined up?
Danny Verpaele: Both safety positions, it doesn't matter, where ever they throw me I'll go.

USFN: Do you see a difference this spring from last year?
Danny Verpaele: We're working harder, coach Burnham is really working us hard this year. Some little tweaks on defense, things like that, but everybody is working harder.

USFN: How do you like your new Safeties coach Troy Douglas?
Danny Verpaele: He's good, He's tough on you though, but he knows what he's doing, so it's good for us. Somebody has to get after us.

USFN: How do you feel about the defensive backfield?
Danny Verpaele: I think we all work well together, but we all got to work for our jobs now, so your never comfortable there, but as a unit we're a better group. We fit together, we all hang out together.

USFN: How does it feel to have the pads back on and hitting again?
Danny Verpaele: Its physical, it's fun, you get to release your anger sometimes, but if you don't know what your doing your going to look stupid.

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