Wednesday Practice Report: Defense Dominates

In today's practice report you can find out what recruits were on hand, what key offensive lineman was injured, updates on the QB race, stats from the first kicking battle of spring and much more. - Get it First, Get it Fast!

Normally when spring practice is in its early stages the defense should have the upperhand, however this year, the offense has come out on top for the first two pad practices. Today the defense put their foot down. Any cause for concern went out the window when the defense stifled the offense in almost every drill. The only drill that had any semblance of positive yards was the 7-on-7 passing drill, where the quarterbacks hit on several deep balls.

Here is a detailed break down of practice:

General Practice Notes
Matt Grothe and Pat Julmiste each participated in punting today. Neither was consistent and Matt was the only one that got off a kick that looked like a real punt.

The starting defense was Danny Verpaele and Louis Gachette at safety, Stepehen Nicholas, Patrick St. Louis, Ben Moffitt at linebacker, George Selvie, Allen Cray, Woody George, Josh Julmiste on the line.

The starting offensive line was Danny Tolley, Matt Huners, Jake Griffin, Walter Walker, and Marc Dile.

Marc Dile went down during the scrimmage and was helped off the field. He later had ice on his right knee.

Jerome Springfield replaced Dile when he went down.

LB Chris Robinson was hurt with a hand injury.

Grothe the punter

Board Drills
The big boys went at it hard as usual, but the highlight came from the light weight division. A fight broke out during a match-up between Ricardo Cabrera and Antwane Cox. They are probably the two lightest players on the team, but that didn't put a damper on the excitement. Coach Dawsey was jumping up and down, happy that his smallest receiver didn't back-down from the defense. The fight itself wasn't all that spectacular a punch or two, but mostly just shoving with full pads on.

The offense celebrates after Board Drills.

7-on-7 Drills
Carlton Hill- 14 for 23, INT. Hill was the only player that threw down field. He completing three, two to Amarri Jackson and one to Jackie Chambers.

Pat Julmiste- 9 for 14. Pat was pretty consistent, only highlight came on a 35 yard sideline pass to Amp Hill.

Matt Grothe- 8 for 14. Completed 2 deep balls, one for 35 yards to Amp Hill and another not-so-pretty pass to Ean Randolph for 40 yards.

Coach Franks was signaling in plays from the sidelines to the QB's.

Mike Jenkins picked off Carlton Hill.

For the second day in a row St. Louis leveled Amp Hill on what looked to be the exact same out route he got him on yesterday.

Jackie Chambers had a great 10 yard catch in traffic that was tipped by two defenders.

Denson continues to improve on the defensive side of the ball.

This is where the defense took over. The only real offense came on Hill scrambles, one for 14 yards and another for 9. Hill completed two passes, one to Amarri for 5 yards and one to Taurus Johnson for 2 yards. Grothe only completed one pass for 5 yards to Marcus Edwards.

Brouce Mompremier was on the second team, but may have had the hit of the spring thus far. He came flying off the edge of Grothe's blind side, hitting him just as he released the ball square in the middle of his back. The ball went flying in the air hitting the ground about 5 yards past the line. He also ran down Carlton Hill for a sack.

Stephen Nicholas had a sack on Carlton Hill.

Selvie sacked Hill on a play that began with a low snap from Griffin.

No running play gained more than 2 yards (5 attempts).

Mike Benzer hit from 37, 42, 47, 52 and missed from 57 and 62.

Justin Teachey hit from 37, 47, 57, 62 and missed from 42 and 52.

Soon-to-be USF players Edner Alcin and Jerrell Young were out at practice today. As was Miami commit and fellow teammate to Alcin, Kylan Robinson. His coach brought them all out there just to see how a college practice is run.

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