Stephen Nicholas Q & A

USFNation talks with linebacker Stephen Nicholas. In the interview he talks about taking a leadership role this season, How much thought he gave to leaving for the NFL in the off season, giving fellow player nicknames and much more. Get it only on

USFNation: Does it feel good to be back out here?
Stephen Nicholas: Most definitely, it always feels good to be on the field playing football, running, hitting.

USFN: What have you done in the off-season?
Nicholas: I got in the weight room, coach Mac(McKeefery) pushed me hard sustain the weight, get stronger. He put a few pounds of muscle on me, I'll give him a shout out, Coach Mac.

USFN: Are you taking more of a leadership role this year?
Nicholas: Yeah, I mean on this team I try to lead by example, and that's what leaders do in my eyes.

USFN: How much thought did you give to the NFL in the off-season?
Nicholas: I thought about it, and I considered it real hard. It came down to a couple of things, staying was the right thing, but its no big thing, I didn't leave, I came back and this was best for me.

USFN: Are you excited about having all the starting linebackers from last year back again for the season?
Nicholas: Most definitely. Ben (Moffit) and (Pat) St. Louis we're all coming back for next year and I'm excited to have the two guys I played along side with last year. They all started and played excellent football, its awesome.

USFN: Will the linebacking depth be a concern with the two players that trasfered this season?
Nicholas: Well yeah, it may be. We need some guys to step up. Those guys that left are good ball players and we love them, but the guys that are here are going to need to step up.

USFN: How is the QB battle shaping up in your point of view?
Nicholas: They're all playing football, it doesn't matter who is back there, they will get it done, they're all doing good, but to me whoever is back their will get it done for us.

USFN: Does this spring seem any different from last year?
Nicholas: To me guys come out and play ball, were all out here playing hard, its always intense, I can't really think back that far.

USFN: Is it true you gave Pat St. Louis the nickname "Bullet Head"?
Nicholas: Oh yeah most definitely. Pat, he comes out like a bullet, like he coming out of a gun, and it's going to where it's got to go, and it's coming fast. That's St. Louis, can't stop him once he's coming.

USFN: Did you give nicknames to a lot of players?
Nicholas: Yeah I try to, I try to give them names, I gave Trae Williams "little Giants" one game his jersey was hanging out and it just looked like little giants to me. I called Ben Moffit "Father Ben", Tavarious Robinson "T-Rob".

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