Practice Report: Grothe Improves, Hill Absent

Hill missed his fourth practice of the spring, as Matt Grothe bounced back from yesterday's poor performance. Read on to get a breakdown from 7-on-7's, the redzone scrimmage, injury report and much more. Also find out which top QB recruit was at practice for the first time this spring. Only on

Today was an important practice, not only was it the final practice before Saturday's scrimmage, but it was also important to show Coach Leavitt that the team has the ability to bounce back after a poor performance. However one important piece was missing once again today. Carlton Hill missed his fourth practice of the season and an opportunity to redeem himself after yesterday's showing.

The entire team looked refreshed and ready to go today. Here is the full report from today's workout:

General Practice Notes
Walk-on kicker Cully Lord was given a green jersey today, he is now number 35.

To clarify an earlier report; Cedric Hill officially weighs 218.

The starting offensive line was Danny Tolley, Matt Huners, Jake Griffin, Walter Walker, Marc Dile.

The Starting defensive line was George Selvie, Richard Clebert, Woody George, Josh Julmiste.

Danny Verpaele and Jeremy Burnett were the starting safeties today.

Carlton Williams will be used at safety and the nickel corner in nickel situations.

Ryan Gilliam finished third in the 100 and fourth in the 200 in his track meet over the weekend.

Jake Griffin broke his finger, but returned to practice in a splint.

Middle Drills (Running)
Matt Huners drew praise from Coach Frey on three consecutive runs to his side. Each time he blew his man 5 yards off the ball and once was a pulling guard on a play Ricky Ponton broke for a big gain.

Jeremy Burnett had a couple big hits from the safety position.

Tavarious Robinson seems to be thriving off being in Coach Leavitt's doghouse. During this drill Robinson was told to get off the field for not hustling, after a brief argument T-Rob was told to run to the sideline and sprint into the huddle like he's supposed to. He did and on the next play he made the tackle two yards deep in the backfield. Then a series or two later he recovered a fumble in the backfield.

Danny Tolley looks like he's getting used to the left tackle position, he's been playing there all spring and looks better as of late.

Matt Grothe- 6 for 12. Came out sharp today. Hooked up with Taurus Johnson for a 55 yard pass down the seam. Only negative is his consistency on passes over 15 yards, most of the time they are fine, but sometimes they flutter and are nearly picked off.

Pat Julmiste- 6 for 8, INT. Mostly threw short, completed his only deep pass to Amarri Jackson.

Jerome Murphy got his second interception in consecutive days.

Stephen Nicholas and Jeremy Burnett each had a pass breakup.

Marcus Edwards had a couple nice catches including a 40 yarder.

Mike Jenkins looks like he's ready for the season, breaking up several passes.

Redzone Scrimmage 16-8-4
Rather than scrimmage the team did a redzone drill. Each quarterback started a series from the 16 yard line, the 8 and then the 4. Drives ended on a turnover or failure to get a first down/score.

Grothe's first drive went 3 & out, including a sack on third down by Jarriett Buie. His second drive was a bit more successful, but stalled on the 3. His third driver resulted in a touchdown.

Julmiste scored on his first possession. After moving the ball down to the 3 yard line, he ran in on a naked bootleg. His second opportunity also resulted in a touchdown when he found Amp Hill in the back of the endzone for the score. Amp made the catch while keeping one foot in bounds. His final series was short, on the first play Taurus Johnson scored on a wide receiver reverse.

Jefferson quarterback Stephen Garcia showed up to practice today for the first 45 minutes, before leaving for his own practice. Garcia is one of the top QB's in the state and will be a target of the Bull's. This weekend he is going to South Carolina to attend their spring game.

I went to Jefferson High School about two months ago to meet Garcia for the first time. When I saw him today I was surprised by the size he put on since our first meeting. He looked about 5 pounds heavier, especially in the arms and shoulders. As of now he has not received an offer from the Big 3.

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