LB Brouce Mompremier Talks With USFNation

Although he is a back up this year, linebacker Brouce Mompremier is still one of the most explosive and exciting players on the field. After Wednesday's practice he talked with us about getting back to practice, working with coach Burnham and the veteran linebackers, also what his assets are and what he needs to do to improve. Get it only on

Brouce Mompremier 225 pound Linebacker How does it feel to be out here playing?
Brouce:  It feels good to be back on the field,  I've been waiting to play ball for a long time.
USFN: What did you do in the off-season?
Brouce: In the off season it was mainly a metal thing, I told myself I got to work hard, I got to get on the field. Its been a real long time since I been on the field and I'm getting very hungry right now.
USFN: How does it feel to work with Stephen Nicholas, Ben Moffitt, and Pat St. Louis ?
Brouce: It feels good, especially working with all three of those players, because they're all so good. So I feel like when I get a chance I can't lose a step, I got to keep pushing, keep the intensity up, and I'm up to the task.
USFN: Who are you backing up mainly?
Brouce:  I mainly back up Ben Moffitt
USFN: Has Stephen Nicholas given you a nickname yet?
Brouce: No I haven't got mine yet, but coach Leavitt gave me one when I first came in as a freshmen, but that's gone now.
USFN: Is there anything you want to work on as a player?
Brouce: Basically just knowledge, knowing all the plays, all the calls, all the checks, and the different coverage's, so when you get into a game situation you won't make a mistake.
USFN: What would you say are you assets as a player?
Brouce: Being able to run, to get to the ball, hustling, always being around the ball.
USFN: How is it working under coach Burnham?
Brouce: Coach Burnham is great, he worked with Derrick Brooks and a whole bunch of other linebackers. When he first recruited me I was ready to go because I knew that he knew a lot, and he had a lot to teach.
USFN: How fast are you right now?
Brouce: Well the last time we ran 40's My hamstring was hurting, but I ran a 4.7 and a 4.8,  but game speed is a totally different thing, you can't clock game speed.
USFN: Do you see a difference in between the first week of practice and now?
Brouce: Oh yeah there are  plenty of differences, especially the last scrimmage, when you start to know things you fly faster.

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