Wednesday Practice Report

In the final practice of the spring the team got a break from the heat and was in shells today. Read on to find out who stood out and who struggled. Only on - Get it First, Get it Fast!!

Today was the final practice until Saturday's spring game at Raymond James Stadium. The team was only in shells today and everyone was pretty loose. The team was hustling and working hard, but the mood was lighter without contact. Today's attendance was up and the only notable absences were Carlton Hill, Thed Watson and Jackie Chambers. Matt Grothe worked with the first team and Pat Julmiste with the second.

7-on7's were short today, but not short enough from stopping Jerome Murphy from getting his fifth interception in as many practices. Not only is he doing it in game situations, but also in drills. I made it a point to watch the DB's today and in each drill he received praise from Coach Rachel. Murphy has great feet and quickness, and this offseason he has added better on-field awareness to his game. Check back tomorrow for a full interview with Murphy.

After 7's the team took a short break and broke into a two-minute drill scrimmage, except it wasn't two minutes it was 39 seconds. Each QB took the offense from the other 40 with only 39 seconds and no timeouts. Not sure why the number 39 was used, but I'm thinking something happen last season where that amount of time was left and the team mismanaged the clock.

On the first possession Grothe threw one incomplete pass and on the next play scrambled around, threw off his back foot across the field where it was picked off by Trae Williams who could have taken it for a score, but went to a knee instead. Pat Julmiste faired a bit better. He moved the team 28 yards on two scrambles and a completed pass, but on the second scramble he missed a wide-open Amp Hill and the coaches let him have it.

Neither team scored, but the field goal kickers came on, and it looks like Justin Teachey could make a run at the starting job. His only problem is his inconsistency from short distances. He's money from 35 and on, but misses the easier ones. Last practice he hit a 62 yarder, today coach moved him back 4 more yards to make it a 66 yard field goal. Teachey was dead on but about a yard and a half short.

Ben Moffitt was used at long-snapper when Busbee snapped before the holder was ready. The coaches took it very seriously and told him that could have been the difference between winning and losing a game.

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