Recruiting Class '06 Updates & Breaking News

This spring several of the recruits from the '06 class have been out at spring practice. caught up with Jerrel Young, Nate Allen, Delbert Alvarado and Zach Hermann. Also find out what local linebacker recruit will now be included in with the '06 class. He didn't sign on NSD, but says he's qualified now and ready to go!

Signing day is long passed and now all the prospects that signed with USF are anticipating graduation. In the meantime the coaching staff has given each recruit a training regimen, USFNation caught up with a couple of them out at spring practice and got updated on what they've been up to since National Signing Day.

QB Nate Allen
Allen was at yesterday's practice, he and his family made the 3 hour drive to Tampa while he's still on spring break. Nate played basketball this year and said the team did "pretty good". He's been following the coaches training guide and says he put on 5 pounds. He weighed 191 during the season, but is up to 196 right now.

If Carlton Hill and Matt Grothe are at QB next year, you might see Nate make a switch to defense. "I can play safety or corner, but probably safety in college." Adding, "I like defense, I want to play QB, but I have fun on either side of the ball." Allen hopes to enroll in June and be out on the field when voluntaries start.

K Delbert Alvarado
He's been kicking 3-4 times a week after school and says he feels stronger than he ever has. He's been working out and has added 5 pounds. If Alvarado joined the team today he would definitely have a size advantage over the other kickers. He says he'll enroll as soon as he graduates and can't wait to join the team.

LB Robert Spann
You may remember when we broke his commitment back in December after the Pinellas County all-star game. Grades were the issue back then and it's the reason he didn't sign an LOI. However, he told USFNation yesterday that he took the ACT on Saturday and the grades should be fine.

Back when Spann committed in December he had the same grade issues, but Coach Leavitt told his mom that whenever he got it together, there would be a scholarship waiting. It looks like Leavitt was true to his word, because Spann plans on enrolling as early as he can, which might be August to join the team.

Spann will be one of the best looking young guys on the team. Not many people on the sidelines at practice could believe he was still in high school. Spann said he's put on 6 pounds and is up to 230 right now.

S Jerrel Young
Young made it out to about three practices this spring while on spring break. He's about 6'1, but the first thing you notice about him is his long arms. This offseason Young has been running track, which has actually caused him to lose 5 or 6 pounds. He said he knows he needs to put more on and will once track season is over.

Jerrel and I were watching a scrimmage where the DB's missed a couple tackles. At one point he looked at me and said, "they could use a big-hitter back there in the secondary." Young known for his physical play, says his grades are fine and there will be no problem with qualifying.

OL Zach Hermann
He was another kid who spent most of his spring break in Tampa. Hermann has been following Coach Frey's workout sheet and says he's lost weight. He wasn't sure how much, but he said he'll keep taking weight off until summer time, then he'll work with the team on putting it back on before the season starts. Hermann also said he's fully qualified.

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