Jerome Murphy Excels at New Position

One of the most electric players this spring has been former safety turned corner Jerome Murphy. After Wednesday's practice he talked with us about getting switching from safety to corner, what his assets are as a player, and he gives us his take on who's winning the QB battle. Get it only on!

Jerome Murphy made a switch from safety to cornerback, and so far has had an outstanding spring with five interceptions in five straight practices. Murphy (6'1-183lb) has great feet and quickness, and loves to hit, he also seems to have added a  better on-field awareness to his game this spring.

USFNation: You had five interceptions this spring, is there anything your doing differently?
Jerome Murphy: Well I switched from safety to corner, so I can see the ball better now, I'm looking straight at the ball and  I don't have to worry about giving anybody the call, they give me the call.That and being in the right place at the right time.

USFN: How do you like making the switch?
Murphy:  I like it now, but I didn't really like it at first cause I like to come down and hit people, but I guess interceptions are better than hits.
USFN: What did you do in the off-season?
Murphy: Just ran, a lot of running.
USFN: What are your goals for the spring?
Murphy: To get better, work on my feet work some and to work on my corner stance since they switched me from safety so its a bit different.
USFN: What are you assets as a player?
Murphy: My speed I guess and my energy, I'm like the energizer guy of  all the defensive backs.
USFN: What quarterbacks are looking best to you right now?
Murphy: I like Matt Groethe, he's really shifty, its hard to hit him. You can't get a killer shot on him cause he'll side step you real fast, he's the hardest one to tackle.But I think he's the one I intercepted the most.
USFN: What receivers do you think are looking the best out here?
Murphy: Amp Hill,  Amarri Jackson, are looking real good out there, plus Ean Randolph is looking good too.
USFN: How do you like working with Coach Troy Douglas?
Murphy: Coach Douglas, I like him, I like him a lot. He stays on ya no matter what, I might do something good but he keeps you humble, keeps you working.
USFN: Is Leavitt working you guys any differently this season?
Murphy: Not really he always stays on you, except were doing more drills then last year, I can say that. were doing a lot more drills, and more intensive practices this year, so we'll be ready as soon as we go out there.
USFN: Has Stephen Nicholas given you a nickname yet?
Murphy: Yeah he calls me Jersey, that's where I'm from, Elizabeth New Jersey.

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