Q & A: Bulls Offensive Coordinator Rod Smith

USFNation.com talks with Bulls Offensive Coordinator Rod Smith after the Spring Game. Find out what he has to say about the offense, and how he thinks the quarterbacks and receivers performed. Get it only here at USFNation.com

Offensive Coordinator Rod Smith

USFNation: How do you feel about their performance tonight?
Rod Smith: Its hard to say, obviously you have the team divided up so you lose a lot of continuity, but there were some plays made today that were pretty good, and there some bad stuff as well, but that's natural. The Spring game is competitive for our guys, and we know that, but the hardest work has been the last three weeks, its harder to evaluate it out here because this is half fun and half competing. As you can see there were some bad things and some good things.

USFN: What are your feelings on the quarterbacks?
Rod Smith: I feel better at this point then I was last spring, mainly because we got more guys that can play the position now. We got some good competition going . No one is really ready so to speak , but we got some guys doing some good things, which is pleasing to me cause you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. This summer is going to be huge for all of them. We'll see how it separates itself in the summer. A lot of people win jobs through the summer by outworking other people and sometimes things just click a little later for some people, so well see how it unfolds, so they'll be throwing in the voluntary workouts that they do on their own, and there will be a lot of throwing taking place there as well.

USFN: Any players have a unexpected good showing this spring ?
Rod Smith: Matt Grothe had a tremendous spring, obviously he had the turnover early on, but overall he has had a tremendous spring, more so then we expected. I think Taurus Johnson did an extremely good job this spring, he had a couple drops for us tonight but overall he had a real good spring. Amarri Jackson, and all the wide receivers have really stepped it op compared to last fall and last spring. Walt Smith is a guy that really surprised a lot of us, he did a real good job, remember he got moved from corner. So there were a lot of guys that were pleasing to us, but we knew they could play, we just got to get them going, and it's a developmental process.

So you more comfortable with the Receiver position now?
Rod Smith: Oh much more compared to last year, but I can't say much now because we had way too many drops out there today. I bet we had six drops out there, which was very uncharacteristic of what it has been so far this spring. They have been very good all spring, and this game well, it's where you bring up the word continuity, not too make excuses, but you do lose a little bit in terms of flow and that type of thing, but overall the receivers have done very well.

USFN: How about Amp Hill, I noticed he didn't wear his brace for the game tonight?
Rod Smith: Really? I didn't notice, he wore it all spring, but it more of a protection thing then it is anything. but I do know he caught a lot of balls tonight.

USFN: Can you tell me about Ean Randolph?
Rod Smith: Well were very excited about him, he's a guy that had too sit out last year due to a transfer situation, But he has done a lot of positive things this spring. He gives us more speed, more athleticism, and another play maker at that position.

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