Future Bulls at the Spring Game

A couple of soon-to-be Bulls made the drive from their home town's to watch the spring game last weekend. USFnation caught up with Nate Allen, Josh Smiley, Keeley Dorsey, LaBrandon Glover and James Jackson. We have pictures and weight updates on each recruit. Only on USFNation.com!

Nate Allen

Allen has gained 5 pounds and is up to 196.

Keeley Dorsey

Dorsey is up to 214 from his high school weight of 183.

Josh Smiley

Smiley wasnt sure how much he weighed but says he's put on about 3 pounds.

LaBrandon Glover

Glover one year ago. During his senior year he played at 220, but has gained 10 pounds from working out this offseason.

James Jackson

Jackson is concentrating on just staying level and not gaining weight before summer practice.

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