Q & A: Defensive Coordinator Wally Burnham

USFNation.com talks with Bulls Defensive Coordinator Wally Burnham after the spring game. Find out what he has to say about the defense, and what players he thinks had the best spring. Get it only on USFNation.com

Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator Wally Burnham enters his seventh year with USF and his first as Assistant Head Coach/Defensive coordinator after spending the last five as co-defensive coordinator/linebacker coach. His task this year is to build off of last seasons strong defensive showing and find players to replace the graduating seniors from last year.

USFNation.com: How do you feel about the teams performance tonight?
Wally Burnahm: Well I thought it was a good effort and all. I thought the white team did a great job rushing the passer. They did a very good job at that, the green team did a good job in coverage but it wasn't really fair to Murphy. We had him at corner all spring and all of the sudden we had to put him at safety for the game and it  wasn't  that fair to him. He gave up a couple of plays, but overall I was pleased with the effort.

There are some things that we got to keep working on but they had a good spring, and when you get them all together playing as one unit we'll be fine. We got a chance to get better and better.

USFN: What players have stood out this spring?
Burnham: Jerome Murphy has really stood out,  and then Burnett has done real well, also our linebackers Ben Moffitt, Stephen Nicholas, and Patrick St. Louis have all had a real good spring. Josh Julmiste especially tonight has impressed me at rushing the passer, not sure how he is against the run, but he was rushing the passer a lot because we  were throwing every down too. But I think he has had a pretty good spring overall.

On the other side of the line I think George Selvie is really coming along and for a redshirt freshmen he has made some plays this spring. Richard Clebert has had his share of plays as well.  Our corners have been pretty consistent, our two starters Trae Williams and Mike Jenkins I think have had a pretty good spring. Not outstanding but they are very solid players. All those players stand out to me as having a very good spring, and are ready to take the next step hopefully, and over this summer they will become very good football players.

USFN: Do you think you'll have to wait until summer to get a real look at the defense?
Burnham: Well yeah, tonight really wasn't a good evaluation of our defense because Leavitt really tied our hands. What we did tonight, that's not what we can do the best. We're a blitzing, zone blitz type football team that just runs people down, things like that, that's what we did last year and that's what we continued to do this spring. I don't get worried about that because we need to go out there and do those kinds of things and see if you can play a base defense, we only ran two coverage's all night, and the white team did a little better then the green team tonight. I guess you do want some scoring in a spring game and I'm not saying they wouldn't have scored anyway but by not having to worry about the blitz helped the offense out some.  

USFN: What are you going to do with Jerome Murphy?
Burnham: We got to find Murphy a place. He's had a bunch of interceptions and we have to get him into the game. He's going to be rotating at corner, he's going to be in at free safety some, so we are going to use his ability even if we have to make some other moves. We have to be creative next year.

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