USFNation Off. & Def. Breakout Spring Players

We already named our MVP's, now its time to tell you who surprised us this spring. Based on more than just the game, we take into account everyday of practice to come up with our offensive and defensive breakout players. Read on to find out who they are.

Breakout Offensive Player- WR Marcus Edwards

Last season Marcus Edwards only had 5 catches for 110 yards. Something must have clicked during the offseason, because Marcus has come out like a man on a mission. The reason we named him "breakout player" isn't because of a couple big catches. He got the award for his everyday consistency. Something USF has lacked from their wide outs.

"I feel like I had a good spring" Edwards added, "Guys like Stephen Nicholas really teach you how to practice and how you're work ethic should be everyday."

He also credits another teacher, wide receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey.

"I don't know what I would do out here without him. It's all the small stuff like route running, technique and concentration. It all pays off in the end."

Breakout Defensive Player- CB Jerome Murphy

By now everyone knows Jerome's story. He's from New Jersey, came to USF as a safety, switched this year to corner. When he made the switch this spring, nobody could have predicted the success he has had on the field. Murphy ended the spring on quite a streak, 6 interceptions in the last 6 practices and 7 picks overall. He has shown more than just a knack for interceptions, Murphy has quick feet, good hips and knows how to hit from playing safety. He will make an impact this year.

"The transition switch makes me know the field better. Now I know where the safety has to be and where I have to be as a corner. Knowing both makes me more aware."

Murphy is also aware that the pick he had in the spring game extended his streak to 6 practices in a row with an INT.

"Yeah, I've been keeping track. It's a battle between me and Mike (Jenkins)."

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