Frank Davis: Post Draft Q & A

Bulls Offensive Lineman Frank Davis signed a free agent contract with the Detroit Lions on Monday. USFNation caught up with Frank and got the details.

Frank Davis 6'3-320lb Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors as a senior. He was the strongest Bull on the roster and an anchor at left guard

USFNation: When did you decide on Detroit?
Frank Davis: We finalized things a couple of hours after the draft.

USFNation: Did you talk with them before hand?
Frank Davis: Yeah I talked to them before hand, I talked with coach Barry, we had some conversation, and there was this scout, I was talking with him as well.
USFNation: What teams showed the most interest?
Frank Davis: Before the Draft Cincinnati and Jacksonville were pretty interested and were calling me, but they didn't pull the trigger.
USFNation: Did you think you were going to get drafted?
Frank Davis: I thought that I might be, actually Jacksonville called me in the fifth round and said they were going to use that pick on me, but when that didn't happen I thought I was going to be a free agent. Then Jacksonville called  again and said they were going to pick me in the sixth round, but then they traded picks with San Francisco.
USFNation: When did Detroit come into the picture?
Frank Davis: Well Detroit started calling me and telling me that they didn't have any picks left but that they really wanted me to come here and be a part of the team. I mean a lot of teams were calling; Baltimore, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Tampa, it was going back and forth with my agent trying to decide where to go to. Then while I was talking with my agent on the phone coach  Marinelli called and left a message saying they weren't going after any free agent offensive lineman but me, then I called him back and we had a  real good conversation for about 15 to 20 minutes. Having the head coach call me was a great feeling, and I decided it was a good situation for me.
USFNation: When do you report?
Frank Davis: I head up to the mini-camp on Thursday and will be there till Sunday or Monday
USFNation: Your former Bull teammate Levi Newton is up with Detroit, have you talked to him?
Frank Davis: I talked to him, but I haven't since I signed..
USFNation: What are your feelings on Andre not getting drafted?
Frank Davis: It was weird for him not to get drafted. We were watching and waiting and kept thinking he would be. Nobody deserved it more than him. He did so much for South Florida football, he was the heart and soul of our football team, that was a hard one to take. They kept saying from the third round on that he was one of the best backs still on the board, they kept saying it over and over but he just never got picked.
USFNation: Where did you watch the draft?
Frank Davis: I was at a friends house and we watched the whole draft. We were just enjoying the experience and the emotion of  when Andre was going to be picked, and when he wasn't, we couldn't believe it, but we still enjoyed  the whole process of the draft, it was kind of cool going through it for Andre and for me.
USFNation: How does your family feel about Detroit?
Frank Davis: My family is very excited for me, and a whole bunch of people back home have been calling me and telling me how proud they are and wishing me luck.
USFNation: How do you feel about going to play in the cold?
Frank Davis: I think I got a good taste of it when we played up at UConn last year.
USFNation: Are you excited or nervous?
Frank Davis: I'm Excited, I'm ready to get up to Detroit, they gave me an opportunity and I can't wait to get to camp and a chance to prove myself.

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