Last Word: Jon Simmons sits down with the departing seniors. In this feature defensive lineman Jon Simmons talks about his time spent at South Florida, including memorable games, good friends, his plans after graduation and much much more.

Jon Simmons 6-4 - 238lb Defensive end

USFNation: What have you been up to?
Jon Simmons: Since the season ended I've been working out all the time, and trying to balance school at the same time. I've been training at the facility once or twice a week, and been running with Tim, but for the most part I have been going to the Gold's gym in St Pete every Day.

USFNation: When are you supposed to Graduate?
Jon Simmons:  I'm not sure, I have a couple of classes I have to finish up when I get the chance. I'll have a degree in Interdisciplinary social science.

USFNation: Tell us some memorable games you've had as a Bull?
Jon Simmons: The first time we played Louisville at home, because nobody gave us a chance to win,  even more so then this year. It was a double over time game, the kind of game you dream about playing in really, it was fun as hell. The most fun I've had playing football. Also in 2004 when we won at TCU, where we won in the final seconds and again no one gave us a chance to win. Louisville this year was fun because we just dominated them from start to finish, I don't know what it was but it felt great and all the national recognition that we got from the win. It also felt really good that night after the game too.

USFNation: Any games you like to forget?
Jon Simmons: Arkansas was the worst game I ever played in, it was just horrible, a miserable feeling we got stomped. Pittsburgh this year was another one just because I knew the whole game we should have been beating them, and I couldn't understand why we were losing.  Another disappointing was the loss to Army at Home for homecoming.

USFNation: What players have you become closest with?
Jon Simmons: All the D-lineman, Tim, Terrence,  Tavarious, and all my roommates, also Travis Lipp who didn't play this year.
USFNation: What coaches have you become closest with?
Jon Simmons: Coach Rachel, and Coach Burnham, Coach Rachel used to hound  me and Terrence, call us  every morning to make sure we were up and doing what we were supposed to be doing, the guy is just hilarious
USFNation:   What's one thing you'll never forget about Coach Leavitt?
Jon Simmons: One thing I'll never forget is he would never get my nickname right, the guys call me Cornbread or Sticks, and he just never got it, he would call me Bluebeard, Good bear, he would never remember, so he would just make up something and call me that. One funny thing I won't forget is we got to practice early one day and saw him chasing squirrels off the field, it was funny as hell.

USFNation: After five years at USF, what are you taking away from your college experience?
Jon Simmons: That's a hard question, but mostly it involves football and I having to grow up and take responsibility for what I was doing. I think I matured a lot as a player and as a person.. I also learned a lot about girls.
USFNation: Where do you see the football program going in five years?
Jon Simmons: If it continues the same way that it has been, through the roof. Right up there with Miami and Florida State in no time. I think they will be very competitive, and I hate it that our rival is UCF.

USFNation: What are future plans?
Jon Simmons: Well I have an invitation to try-out with the Giants, and I'm fortunate enough to get the opportunity. They called me right after the draft, and set things up. I actually canceled a trip to go Denver and try out with the Colorado Crush, that was supposed to be this weekend, but once I got the invite to NY I canceled my trip. I'm really pumped, and nervous at the same time, so I've been working out twice as hard since I found out,  and all I do is work out any way. I do know they will be working me out at defensive end, I know that for sure, I have confidence that I could show my flexibility and earn a spot on the practice squad, and then take it from there .


2005 - Started 11 games at left defensive end and finished the season with 13 tackles, including 2.5 for a loss and one sack.
2004 - Playing at left end he started the final five games of the season. He finished the season with nine tackles, three for losses, including two sacks. His two sacks came against Tennessee Tech and East Carolina. Against Memphis he had a season-high three tackles.
2003 - He saw action in eight games with one tackle against Charleston Southern.
2002 - After switching to defensive end, He saw action in four games primarily as a back up.In a game against Charleston Southern he had one tackle which was also a sack, and led to a fumble.
2001 - He enrolled as a walk-on tight end in 2001.


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