First Impressions of Life in the NFL

Andre Hall talks with USFNation after his first NFL mini-camp. He gives his thoughts on his performance, learning new play calls, playing along side fellow Bull teammates and much more. Also Coach Jon Gruden gives us his take on how Hall played over the weekend.

USFNation: How do you feel after your first NFL mini-camp?

Andre Hall: It was a great experience. For me to come over here and be a Buccaneer is an honor. But for me to come over here and get my ass chewed out is tough. That's what (Coach Gruden) does, he stays on us and makes sure everything is done right. Just like Coach Leavitt says, "make sure you stay on edge", and Gruden does a great job of that.

USFNation: What are some similarities and differences of Gruden and Leavitt?

Andre Hall: Their energy, both of them run around with a lot of intensity.

Differences....there aren't many. The biggest difference here is that Gruden calls all the plays. Leavitt would let the staff call the plays during practice.

USFNation: How was the competition this weekend?

Andre Hall: Those guys out there were good this weekend. The competition was good this weekend, but nothing compared to when Pittman and Cadillac get out here. When they get here, I'll just try to learn as much as I can from them. I'm not trying to be a hero, just try to learn the position better.

USFNation: What were you working on most during this mini-camp?

Andre Hall: Pass routes and learning the plays.

USFNation: How did you do with the language the Bucs use in play calling?

Andre Hall: It was tough as hell. In college it was "Reno" for right and "lotto" for left, but over here it's a whole different ball game!

USFNation: How did it feel to go up against your USF teammates at Bucs camp?

Andre Hall: It felt good. You know Terrence talks junk to me all the time, that's what he does. He doesn't stop, so I try my best to make him look stupid, but its all fun out here.

USFNation: Now that camp is over what do you do from here?

Andre Hall: Study, study, study the playbook. Also working out until camp starts in July.

USFNation: How did Andre Hall look this weekend?

Jon Gruden: You know, there's a lot of Andre Hall interest out there this weekend. He did a good job, he's quick but has a long way to go to learn this offense. For a back of his size, we're not going to look at it as a detriment, but he's really going to have to contribute to the passing game. He's got to be a factor as a receiver, as a pickup guy and he's got to be able to move around and handle some different formations so we can use his skills. We do see quickness and we do see a guy that is highly conditioned and intuitive player and we like that.

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