NFL Mini Camp: Tim Jones Q&A

DE Tim Jones talks with USFNation after his first NFL mini-camp. He gives his thoughts on his the difference beteen the Buc's and USF, learning new things, playing along side fellow Bull teammates and much more.

USFNation: What are your impressions of the Buccaneer's mini camp?
Tim Jones: Very interesting, meeting new people, learning  a lot of new things, so I think its all very interesting. I learned a lot this weekend.
USFNation: How do you compare this camp to USF's training camp?
Tim Jones: It's very similar, the tempo is a lot faster but its everything else is about the same. It wasn't that hard, I just had to adapt to the tempo.
USFNation: How was the competition out here?
Tim Jones: Everybody is trying to compete so the competition was real stiff,  a lot of competing out here. Everybody is trying to get on the team, trying to earn a spot.
USFNation: How do you think you did?
Tim Jones: We'll see in the future, I don't know, I might think I did good and the coaches might think I did horrible. I got to wait and see, but I think I did alright.
USFNation: When do you think you'll know?
Tim Jones: I have no idea, i just got to wait and see.
USFNation: What was it like going against Andre in a Buc's uniform out there this weekend?
Tim Jones: To tell you the truth man,  I was just trying to focus on the guy in front of me. I didn't know who had the Ball, the tempo was so quick that I was just trying to fly to the ball, trying to get to the ball. So i couldn't even see if Andre had the ball or somebody else, all I saw was white running.
USFNation: What was the hardest part of the whole Buc's mini camp?
Tim Jones: The hardest thing was adjusting to the tempo, its so much more upbeat so you have to adjust. The defense I kind of grasped kind of easy,  because as I said at USF its very similar to what they do here,  the defense wasn't that hard, just the tempo and the technique was different.
USFNation: How does coach Gruden differs from coach Leavitt?
Tim Jones: I would say there isn't a lot of difference, both have a lot of energy, and a lot of enthusiasm. I think they are very similar in so many ways, there are too many parallels between USF and the Buc's.
USFNation: Did it make it any easier being here with Terrence?
Tim Jones: It made it a whole lot easier with me and him being roommates over at the hotel, he's like my little brother, he looks up to me.

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