NFL Mini Camp: Terrence Royal Q&A

DE Terrence Royal talks with USFNation after his first NFL mini-camp. He gives his thoughts on his the difference between college and pro practices, learning a new defense, playing along side fellow Bull teammates and much more.

USFNation: What are your impressions of the Buccaneer's mini camp?
Terrence Royal: Oh yeah, it was physical. It was a very physical training camp you know, but it was a good kind of physical. I learned some stuff, its a lot of progress from college to pro, the tempo is so different
USFNation: How do you compare this camp to USF's training camp?
Terrence Royal:  Oh man, its the speed, you gotta go, gotta move. It's a much faster tempo, that's the main difference
USFNation: How was the competition out there?
Terrence Royal: There's some competition out here, you know how it is. There's all the defensive ends and D-linemen out here, we're all fighting for a spot. Everybody is working, and it all comes down to 'people got to eat'.
USFNation: How do you think you did?
Terrence Royal: Oh I did good,  I did real good, I got a sack every day, so I think I did a marvelous job. I think I made a good impression. 
USFNation: When do you think you'll know?
Terrence Royal:  I don't know, but hopefully soon.
USFNation: What was it like going against Andre in a Buc's uniform out there this weekend?
Terrence Royal: Oh you know, same old same old, you got to be on your A-Game with Dre'. I been playing against him for what two years now, so its the same thing got to play, got to bring your game.
USFNation: What was the hardest part of the whole Buc's mini camp?
Terrence Royal: The hardest part was probably getting chewed out in the meetings. that was the hard part, knowing you did something wrong on the field and getting chewed out for it, but besides that everything is good. Same thing we did over there we do over here.
USFNation: How does coach Gruden differ from coach Leavitt?
Terrence Royal: Hmmmm that's tough, but  coach Leavitt is a mean guy, but with Coach Gruden we haven't seen that side of him yet, but this is just mini camp, so I guess he's just nice to us, but he has his flurries, I've seen him over there getting on the offense so I don't know, but for right now I say I give a toss up to Leavitt, he's tough.
USFNation: Did it make it any easier being here with Tim and Andre?
Terrence Royal:  Well I'm used to it around here,  I'm used to the weather, that was a plus,  I been playing in it my whole life, but it made it a little easier being with those guys.

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