Detroit Lions Mini Camp: Frank Davis Q&A

Former Bulls offensive lineman Frank Davis talks with USFNation after his first NFL mini-camp with the Detroit Lions. He gives his thoughts on his performance and learning new play calls. Also Coach Marinelli gives us his take on how Davis played over the weekend.

Former South Florida Bull Offensive lineman Frank Davis was considered a top target during the undrafted free-agent period by the Lions, and coach Marinelli even called Davis personally. Davis had offers from Baltimore, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and Tampa, but given the Lions' offensive line situation he chose Detroit becuase he had a better chance at making the team.

"(He's a) big, athletic man," said Marinelli. "He comes in with a lot of pass blocking background. Really I think movement-wise, the biggest thing is to just see what kind of run-blocker he can be. You can see him, he's 329 pounds; he's a big strong man and raw - which all of these guys will be."

"You bring them in to compete in camp but what you like (right now) is the size and the movement," said Marinelli. "That's what has gotten me excited about some of these guys. If you get too excited too quick, then you get in pads and they can't block anybody. You want to see the base stuff that they've got (right now). I loved how they work and that's important."

Davis can play both guard and tackle, and demonstrated that versatility during the camp.

USFNation: What were your impressions of the Lions mini camp?
Frank Davis: I enjoyed it, it was quite an experience. Going from college to the pro's there is a lot to learn, but over all I had good time.

USFNation: How do you compare this camp to USF's training camp?
Frank Davis:  The main difference I noticed, is in college not all the players take it serious, it's like sometimes they don't care as much, if they do okay, then that's alright, you know what I'm saying? But in the pro mini camp everybody is always trying,  you always got to play, you always got to be on the top of your game. Everybody is concentrating, trying to minimize any mistakes. You can't screw up, because once you screw up it's hard to get it back. You slide in the depth chart, and next thing you know you could be off  the team. Another thing is the speed and the tempo of the play, it's a lot different then college, everybody is flying
USFNation: What did you work on the most at the camp?
Frank Davis: Learning the different audibles, and the calls on the offensive line, that's what I worked on the most through out the camp. Also, the language is a little bit different, but I'm learning it, and the more I practice with the team, the more I hear it, the better I get it. I'm starting to pick it up, so I'll be fine.

USFNation: How was the competition out there?
Frank Davis: There's good competition out here, it's very competitive I mean really competitive, you know how it is, in college there is talent, but here everybody is top level competition.

USFNation: How do you think you did?
Frank Davis: I did good,  I think I did real well, all the coaches, the offensive coordinator, the offensive line coach said I did real well.  I just got to keep it up, keep working every day.
USFNation: Were there any player you knew up there?
Frank Davis: There were a couple of guys I've played against up there, from UCF, Rutgers, a couple of offensive line men and defensive ends that I played against.
USFNation: What was the hardest part of the whole Lions mini camp?
Frank Davis: The hardest part for me was probably getting used to the  lingo and the language that the coaches use. I got used to the language that we used at USF, now i have to learn it all over again. 
USFNation: How does coach Marinelli  differ from coach Leavitt?
Frank Davis: The first thing  that I noticed is that coach Marinelli doesn't run around as much as coach Leavitt does. I mean he'll be right there for the drills and all, but Coach Leavitt is all over the field, he runs all over the place.
USFNation: Now that the rookie mini camp is over what do you do now?
Frank Davis:  Well I'm doing individual workouts now, and going through practices its similar to what we did at the rookie mini camp but  we do more one on ones. Then we still got one more mini camp coming up. - Get it First, Get it Fast!

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