Is USF Losing Interest in QB Voss?

He was one of the first recruits USF offered, but is the interest still there for Alton Voss? The Gulf QB talks about USF, his plans for the summer and when he'll decide on a school. Read on for the entire update.

Alton Voss is a name that USF fans have heard early and often when talking about recruiting. He was one of the first prospects offered by USF during this offseason, and for good reason. The 6-foot-2, 218 pound dual threat quarterback went over the thousand yard mark in both rushing and passing, while combining for 26 touchdowns.

However now he feels that USF's interest is slipping.

"Its kind of weird," says Voss. "I'm surprised they haven't sent me more than a computer form letter. I get all kinds of hand written letters from the other instate schools. I know USF likes me, but the other schools are showing more interest and they haven't even offered me."

It's not all bad though. Voss did say that he was impressed by Coach Frey keeping his promise to visit him the first day recruiting opened.

"He told me months ago that he would be at my school the first possible day he could, and sure enough he was there the very first day."

Voss has also received a few more offers since our last update. We originally reported USF, Miss. State and FIU, but since then he's also collected offers from Akron and North Carolina State.

This summer he plans on taking a weeklong road trip on June 12th and starts in Alabama and continues on to Mississippi State, Auburn, Ole Miss and NC State. He's going to the Bama camp and said if there happens to be a camp going on while he's at another school then he'll participate.

As for the rumors that Voss will make his decision before the season starts, this is what he had to say:

"I never said that was a deadline." Adding, "Coach Fulmer threw the idea out there and said that if I'm able to commit before the season starts then it would be easier, but I'm not going to commit just to commit."

He also said that his goal is to have a top 5 or top 3 by the end of the summer and go from there. Stay with USFNation for another update with Voss after his road trip in mid-June.

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