Jesse Julmiste Likes USF

Jesse Julmiste is a wide receiver from Hollywood Hills High School and most USF fans think he is related to current QB Pat Julmiste, however he tells USFNation that he is not related to the Bulls signal caller. He also talks about adapting to his new position, his current offers and where South Florida stands in his top 5.

Many USF fans have heard of Jesse Julmiste from Hollywood Hills, and for good reason. At 5-foot-9, 135 pounds this speedster has been clocked at 4.36 in the 40, but most fans think he is a relative to current Bulls quarterback Pat Julmiste, and if you thought that, then you'd be wrong. Jesse Julmiste set the record straight in our interview.

"It's kind of weird, but I don't think we're related." Adding, "Our families are friends, but I asked my Dad if we're related and he said no. I think he may be in my extended family though."

He also said he's not related to Miramar High School QB Jean Julmiste.

As for on the field, Jesse is in the midst of making a major change. He is moving from defense to offense. Last season he had 19 tackles and a pick at corner, but this year he moves to wide-out, where his speed will be his main weapon.

"The switch isn't that hard for me. I use my corner skills to help me on offense, I predict what the defense will do and use it to my advantage."

This spring Julmiste proved to be a success at his new position. He scored twice in the teams spring game two weeks ago. Once on a 50-yard fly route and again from the 15-yard line on a fade to the corner.

"They couldn't stop me out there." Julmiste said jokingly.

He's also been getting a good amount of attention from colleges across the country. He has two offers from U Conn and FAU. He is getting text messages and mail from many more schools including Alabama, FIU, Central Florida, South Florida, Miami, Rutgers and Pitt.

He said that two weeks ago South Florida defensive backs coach Rich Rachel came by and met with him for twenty minutes at his school.

"We met in my coaches office and we talked about the campus and the direction of the program. I think I'll get an offer from them soon, I got a good feeling from our meeting."

When asked if he has a top 5, Julmiste said his top school is Miami followed by U Conn, USF, Alabama and Pittsburgh.

Julmiste said he'll spend his summer working on his route running and attending camps. In June he'll attend the Hurricanes camp and a Rutgers camp being held down in South Florida.

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