Unexpected Loss for the '06 Recruiting Class

Most Bulls fans know that there was one big name in the '06 class that was questionable to qualify. However, USFNation spoke with another highly touted recruit today who says he will enroll in community college. Read on to find out who it is. Also get updates on 9 other recruits from the '06 class.

Alwan Lee QB (Booker T. Washington HS) - Will most likely not be attending USF this Summer or Fall and will be heading to Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior College July 5th for at least a semester.

"I decided to go in another direction" said Lee, but added "I'm not done with USF" and "I speak to Coach Smith regularly, and he assures me that there is a scholarship waiting for me."

He finished with a GPA of 2.7, and scored a 1497 on the SAT but waived the score, said high school coach Tim Harris. Coach Harris also said that Alwan was planning to take one more test to see if anything may change, but decided against it and will take the summer session at MGC.

"It was a family decision and Alwan thought it would be good for him to go there and work a few things out. The offense that they run will be good for him to play in before he takes it to the next level."

Here are updates on several other USF recruits. Look for the rest of the updates tomorrow.

Jason Sherman WR (First Coast HS) - Fully Qualified. Will be at USF July 3rd for summer B session "I'm Real excited".

Joseph Jackson DE (Booker T. Washington HS) - After speaking with coach Harris, he said that Jackson is doing everything he can to qualify. He currently has 2.4-2.5 GPA and has been studying and working hard in preparation for the ACT this Saturday. He has previously taken the ACT and coach Harris believes he scored either a 15 or a 16.

Sabbath Joseph LB (Miami Central HS) - Qualified as far as he knows, should be at USF July 3rd for Summer B Session, but is waiting on word from Leavitt if he can get up there earlier. "Can't wait to get there and play some ball"

Zach Hermann OL (East Lake HS) - Fully Qualified will attend classes July 3rd for Summer B session.

Andrew Ketchel TE (Choctawhatchee HS) - Fully Qualified will attend classes in the fall, but will report for two-a-days this Summer.

David Fonua DE (Southeast HS) - Has a 2.7 GPA already took the ACT's and got a 17, is taking the ACT again next week, and if all goes well and he scores an 18, then he will be at USF June 27th to begin Summer B session.

Aston Samuels RB (Glades Central HS) - Fully qualified. Will attend classes in the fall, but will report for two-a-days this Summer.

Nate Allen QB (Cape Coral HS) - Fully qualified and will be at USF July 3rd for summer B session.

Robert Spann LB (St. Petersburg HS) - Graduated with a 2.4 GPA in May. He took the SAT this past Saturday and thinks he did well. He will take the ACT this Saturday and should have results in two weeks. He should be at USF in either Summer B or Fall session , but is planning to be at freshmen orientation July 3rd.

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