USF Bulls Summer Voluntary Practice

Get your first look at action photos from the USF Bulls Summer voluntary practice. Inside This FREE Photo Gallery are pictures of Quarterbacks Carlton Hill, Matt Grothe, Pat Julmiste, incoming runningback Aston Samuels, and many more. Only has these photos from practice. Get it First, Get it Fast!!

Josh Julmiste & Danny Tolley

Matt Grothe

Carlton Hill

Pat Julmiste

Chris Robinson

Incoming Runningback Aston Samuels

Incoming Receiver Carlton Mitchell

Incoming Kicker Delbert Alvarado

Marcus Edwards & Courtney Denson

Josh Julmiste & Danny Tolley

Matt Grothe

Ean Randolph catches a deep one

Marcus Edwards Fights for a deep pass

Marc Dile and the O-line create a pocket

Courtney Denson & Carlton Hill

Marcus Edwards works on Chris Robinson

Carlton Hill catches one in front of Jeremy Burnett

Taurus Johnson makes the catch and drags the toe on Houston Hess

Ricky Ponton

Danny Tolley

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