BIG EAST Announces Mens Basketball Matchups

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The BIG EAST Conference has announced the league opponents for each of its men's basketball teams 16-game conference schedule for the 2006-07 regular season. All teams that did not meet last season will be meeting this year.

In 2006-07, the BIG EAST will be in its second season with 16 teams. Each squad will play a 16-game conference schedule. Teams will meet 10 opponents once and three opponents twice (home and away). Each team will not play two opponents.

The decisions regarding repeat opponents are based on natural interest, geography, rivalries and television contractual obligations. All teams that did not meet last season will be meeting this year. All single-game home and away matchups from last year have been flipped for this season.

"This schedule is more balanced competitively than last year, especially at the perceived top of the conference," said Commissioner Michael Tranghese. "With the strength and depth that we've shown as a 16-team league, we were still able to produce a large number of marquee matchups without simply forcing the perceived top three or four teams to play only each other twice."

The 2006-07 campaign will be the last season for the BIG EAST to have a 16-game conference slate. The league will move to an 18-game schedule in '07-08 when each team will play every opponent once and three opponents twice.

Team                         Repeat Opponents                                             Will Not Play

Cincinnati          Georgetown , Rutgers , West Virginia                 Connecticut , Marquette

Connecticut      Louisville , Rutgers, Syracuse                              Cincinnati , Notre Dame

DePaul                 Notre Dame, St. John's , USF                              Providence, Seton Hall

Georgetown       Cincinnati , Pittsburgh , Villanova                       Providence , USF

Louisville          Connecticut , Marquette , USF                             Rutgers , West Virginia

Marquette         Louisville , Pittsburgh , Providence                      Cincinnati , St. John's

Notre Dame         DePaul, USF, Villanova                                       Connecticut , Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh         Georgetown , Marquette , West Virginia             Notre Dame, Rutgers

Providence        Marquette, St. John's , Seton Hall                      DePaul, Georgetown

Rutgers              Cincinnati , Connecticut , Seton Hall                    Louisville , Pittsburgh

St. John's         DePaul, Providence , Syracuse                            Marquette, Villanova

Seton Hall          Providence , Rutgers , West Virginia                    DePaul, Syracuse

USF                    DePaul, Louisville , Notre Dame                          Georgetown , Villanova

Syracuse          Connecticut , St. John's , Villanova                     Seton Hall, West Virginia

Villanova           Georgetown , Notre Dame, Syracuse                   St. John's , USF

West Virginia    Cincinnati , Pittsburgh , Seton Hall                      Louisville , Syracuse


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