Catching up with Jackie Chambers

The University of South Florida knew that they had found a special player when Jackie Chambers first arrived on campus. Chambers quickly developed a reputation on the Bulls as being one of the most reliable and hard working receivers.USFNation sat down with Chambers to discuss the status of his injury and his thoughts on the upcoming season.

After being selected by the Bulls as the Rookie of the year in 2004, Jackie Chambers became one of the most dangerous return men in the Big East his Sophomore season while also starting in 11 games as a receiver hauling in 21 passes for 290 yards. His junior year did not start as one would hope. In April the soon to be feature receiver suffered a torn meniscus during the first week of spring practice. USFNation sat down with Chambers to discuss the status of his injury and his thoughts on the upcoming season.

USFNation: How have you been doing since the off-season?

Chambers: I have been working hard, trying to rehab and get my knee strong. But, I had a death in the family, I lost my Auntie, that was a set back, and I lost my grandma seven months ago, and I was still trying to get over that. That was a set back and all but I've been trying to stay focused, and what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

USFN: How were you able to overcome that?

Chambers: I learned a lot from my grandma and my auntie when they were alive. When they died, it brought me closer to my family. I just finished taking care of that situation so that now I am able to get ready for football and the upcoming school year. I have to concentrate on my grades as well but for now it is time to get focused on the football field. The coach is trying to do big things this year, very big things to be honest.

USFN: How hard was it for you in the spring to have to sit after getting injured?

Chambers: It was hurtful and a hard to go out there and just sit on the sidelines. I'm not used to sitting out. I've been playing football for over ten years now, and I never ever sat out because I was injured. I broke my collarbone and still practiced in high school. It was real painful when I hurt my knee. I initially thought my career was over because I had never felt pain like that. I mean when I broke my collarbone it hurt, but it was nothing like the pain I felt in my knee. It was so tight. Then they told me it was my meniscus so I was relieved. I couldn't wait to have the surgery and start rehabbing my knee so I could get back out there. It was hard getting back and training with my knee in the shape that it was.

USFN: What was the rehab like?

Chambers: Steve Walz is our trainer, and he has been great. He pushes me even though I may cuss at times. I may not like it at the time, but he gets on me. I'll do what he says just so I don't have to hear it. The knee is about 85-86 percent right now, and it's getting better. I can't really run full speed and cut off it yet though. I feel some pain in it, but Steve says it is a good pain and that is not a bad thing. I'll get in the whirlpool, keep it cold until practice. I also keep it elevated and do a lot of conditioning on it as well.

USFN: What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

Chambers: I'm looking forward to the season to start. I wish it could begin this week. I'm ready to play and prove to people that last year wasn't a fluke. We are the real deal. A lot of people were saying that we were a fluke because we beat Louisville last year. We were just getting back at them for blowing us out 41-9 when we played up there. We have another title to play for though. We have the freshmen class coming in, and the veterans that have been here who understand what we are looking for. We have got a good team and I can't wait for the season to finally begin.

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