Photo Gallery: Thursday Morning Practice

Action shots from the Bulls Thursday morning practice in full pads. Included in this gallery are shots from drills, and pics of runningbacks Ricky Ponton, Moise Plancher, Keeley Dorsey, Defensive End Josh Smiley, and many more. Only at, can you get these practice photos!

RB Keeley Dorsey & Coach Carl Franks

RB Aston Samuels

RB Ricky Ponton

RB Moise Plancher

RB Walt Smith

FB Mike Padilla

RB Keeley Dorsey

Keeley Dorsey & Colby Erskin

Colby Erskin & Shawn Cannon

Shawn Cannon & Aston Samuels

WR Amp Hill Takes a break from the heat

DE Josh Smiley Rests his ankle

QB Grant Gregory

QB Pat Julmiste

Coach Leavitt watches Grant Gregory under center

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