Preseason Q&A With QB Pat Julmiste

With the season right around the corner USFNation sat down with Pat Julmiste to get his thoughts on how he did this offseason, what he improved on most, what it was like competing against Matt Grothe and much more. Only on!

USFNation: How did your offseason go?

Pat Julmiste: It went well. Two-a-days were tough, but I'm used to it. Everything went good.

USFN: What did you work on this summer?

PJ: I worked a lot with our receivers, technique and fundamentals. I also did a lot by myself, like with my steps and drops to get that right.

USFN: What do you feel you improved on the most?

PJ: Just camp in general, I feel I got in great work with our receivers. This was my best two-a-day's since I've been here. I've been really focused with my son being born recently.

USFN: When did you become a father?

PJ: My son was born on July fifth.

USFN: Are you excited for the season?

PJ: Very excited. I have a lot of things going, and we are trying to get to a better bowl.

USFN: How was it competing day-in and day-out with Matt Grothe?

PJ: Competition is a good thing and I've been competing since I got here. Matt is a great guy and he's going to be a great quarterback here at USF and he'll do a lot of good things here.

USFN: What are your personal goals for this year?

PJ: To get better and improve this team. I want to put some wins together and get to a better bowl.

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