Bulls Preseason Q&A With RG Walter Walker

The season starts in less then a week, and USFNation got a chance to talk with Bulls right Guard Walter Walker, get is thoughts on replacing three starters on the O-line this year and much more. Only on USFNation.com!

Walter Walker

How are you feeling now that two-a-days are done?
"Two a-days you work hard,real hard and everybody glad its over, but you got to try and focus now, refocus on everything, and take it one game at a time. you want to go out there and just try to do a good job. "

Is there a difference from last year to this year?
"There's always differences, you know you lose guys, and get new guys, but the teams coming together, its coming together real good as far as like the little things, we know each other real well and we're starting go play together like a team, as a team should.'

After losing three starters from last year, is the O-line starting to gel?
"Gelling, I would say we do that every year, we gel every year, whoever the personnel, who ever it is we gel, we got to, we got no choice."

Has it been hard trying to replace three starters from last year? "You lose some guys, you get gain some, you can't do anything about that, but we'll find a way to get it done"

Are you excited for the season to start?
"I feel good, and ready to play, we all want to play, we need to play, and we need to play to see how this team is going to be."

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