Bulls Practice: Two-A-Days Are Over

The Bulls just finished three weeks of grueling two-a-day practices and are now getting ready for McNeese State. This past weekend USFnation spoke with Danny Tolley, Jeremy Burnett, Ilia Petrov, and Delbert Alvarado. Find out what getting through practice was like, and how they feel about playing the first game of the season.

Jeremy Burnett - Strong Safety –
Are you happy that two-a-days are over?

" Yeah I'm real happy that two-a-days are over, you know how hard they are. The first couple of weeks of practice were rough, but now I got to try and get my legs back for the first game, so yeah I'm happy, 

Are you excited for the season to start?
After all the practice, I'm really looking forward for the season to Saturday, it seams like I've been waiting a long time, too long of a time to play."

Danny Tolley - Left Tackle -
Are you happy that two-a-days are over?
"yeah, It's a whole new season now, just got to take it piece by piece, and two-a-days was one piece and now we start the season, and we're ready to go."

How is your injury?
I'm good, I'm going full at practice now, I feel real good. I couldn't tell you what its called but it was a big long word with pelvic bone in it, and over years playing on it with my size and my position, the wear and tear on that bone, but I'm good to go now."

Are you excited for the season to start?
"Like I said it's a whole new season now. I've been waiting a long time to play, and I'm pumped for Saturday."

Ilia Petrov – Punter -
Are you happy that two-a-days are over?

"Two-a-days was hard work, they were tough, and every day you would get tired, but you just pull through it."

Are you excited to make your first start of the season?
"Yeah, I'm real excited for Saturday, but we got a long season with the championship on the line, so I can't take it for granted, there is always going to be competition at the position on the field."

Delbert Alvarado - Kicker -
Are you happy that two-a-days are over?

" Oh yeah, it's a long process but now it's over, we get to relax and get our legs for Saturday. It's been tough but I got through it. It was my first time, I learned a lot and next year I'll be ready for it.

What was that song you were singing?
"Some of the players were singing Last day, last day, last day of two a-days, everybody is real tired and we're glad it's over."

Are you excited for the season to start?
"Oh yeah, we're all getting pumped up for Saturday. I can't wait; it can't get here soon enough."

Walter Walker – Right Guard -  
Are you happy that two-a-days are over?

"Two a-days you work hard, everybody glad its over but you got to try and focus now, refocus on everything, and take it one game at a time, try and do a good job. " 

Are you excited for the season to start?
"I feel good, and ready to play, we all want to play, we need to play, and we need to play to see how this team is going to be."

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