Q & A with WR's Marcus Edwards & Ean Randolph

In Saturday's game against McNeese State both receivers scored their first ever touchdown with the Bulls. In this interview both WR's talk about their performance in the opening game, scoring their first touchdowns, and more. Exclusively on USFNation.com! Get it first, get it fast

Wide Receiver Marcus Edwards

How was it out there tonight?
"It was great it feels good to be back, I'm just glad the season has started." 

How does it feel to score your first TD as A Bull?
"It was great, it felt real good. I been waiting a long time, it seems like forever, but I'm just glad I was able to help the team out."

 Did you have a lot of family out here watching you tonight?
"Oh yeah, tons, I had so many that I had to get some tickets from other guys. I also have a lot of friends that live in St. Pete so I had to get a lot of tickets. "

Did you do anything different in the off-season?
"I feel like I had a good spring, some of the older guys really teach you how to practice and how you're work ethic should be everyday. Also coach Dawsey really helped, I don't know what I would do out here without him. He teaches us all the small stuff like route running, technique and concentration, and it all pays off in the end." 


Wide Receiver Ean Randolph: 

How does it feel getting your first Touchdown as a Bull?
" It felt pretty good, as long as we came out on top with a victory I'm happy." 

When was the last time you scored a Touchdown?
"I scored a couple of times when I was at Webber, I don't remember it's been so long, I think it was 2004." 

What was your reaction to Matt Grothe's performance in the game?
"He did a great job. I think he looked real good out there, but I see it everyday in practice so I'm not that surprised.  He is a young quarterback who is learning the ropes, and will continue to get better " 

How did it feel getting the punt return TD called back?
" I didn't know my return was called back until I saw the flag. I was a little disappointed, and a little upset, but we were winning the game so it didn't really bother me that much, as long as we came out on top, that's all that matters. Also we got a couple of blocked punts so it all evens out.""



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