Q & A With Bulls Corner Back Trae Williams

In Saturday's game against FIU Trae Williams recorded his second interception of the season. In this interview Trae talks about the interceptions, his performance this season, and more. Exclusively on USFNation.com! Get it first, get it fast

How is the season going?
"I‘m happy, very happy life without football is just boring. There is nothing else to do, even on TV if there is not a game on I have nothing else to watch, maybe except for Law & Order SVU"

How does it feel to get a interception two weeks in a row?
"It felt pretty good. For the last three years I got a pick in the first game. It's good to start out the season with a bang. But it seems like I'd get a pick in the first game then it would be a few games and before I would get another one, but now I got two in a row and hopefully I can just keep it going game after game and play well."

How did you come up with this one?
"If wasn't for my teammates calling out ball, I probably wouldn't have seen it. Stephen Nicholas and Danny Verpaele, I heard them screaming Ball, Ball, Ball, I looked back and it was right there, it came perfectly to me."

Were you tired out there tonight?

"It was rough tonight, I was just trying to get through it, I was a little nauseated on the field, but it could have been from dehydration, I cramped up a little bit last week."

Did you have a lot of friends and family here tonight?
"Yea I had a bunch, I'm guessing about twelve or so. I had my mother, my stepfather, my aunt, and a lot of friends."

Has it been hard adjusting to two new starting safeties?
"It hasn't been hard, most of us are still here, except for the two guys we lost D'Juan Brown, and Johnnie Jones for the most part. But We got Danny Verpaele back, from injury, Carlton Williams is still there and Louis Gachette, Me, Mike Jenkins, Tyller Roberts. Then you got the new faces, Ryan Gillliam , and Jerome Murphy. Mostly the same guys are still here, just in different places. I played with Danny the year before, and then he got hurt. Sometimes it's a little different, so you play a little different, as far as in calls, and you may get used to certain guys, but mostly it's the same."

Are you seeing some good hits by the safeties out there?
"Yeah there's a lot of big hits out there, but last week, Jerome Murphy's hit, that was a great hit, and honestly if George Selvie wasn't behind the quarterback he probably would have knocked him out. Jeremy Burnett has some tough hits as well. Both of them are big hitters, cause they practice. They'll take your head off. Honestly I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one of their hits."

What's it like when you see your punt returner go all the way for the score and you see a flag on the ground? 
"It's real hard, most of time the penalties are stupid, but the penalties are killing us we got to play more disciplined. Penalties killed us today. Think about it, Ean Randolph would probably be the top returner in the nation if we didn't get all those penalties. We got to do better, and help him out back there. We got to be more disciplined that's it."

Do you think you looked past FIU?
"No, you can't take them lightly; they came out and played a good game tonight, but we killed ourselves with penalties. We should have dominated that game, and the score should have been much different."

What was it like when you saw Richard Clebert come up with the fumble late in the game?
"It was real good, when Clebert came up with the fumble, that turned the game around. The offense came out to do their thing, and you got to have faith in them. I knew they were going to put it in, I just knew it."

What was it like seeing Taurus Johnson score?
"That was great, I hosted T.J on his visit, so were like brothers. I'm always messing with him in practice, try and get into his head, but he's a good receiver, he's got good speed, so when I saw him running, I was like yes, yes, then we got the score and I knew the defense would go out and shut them down, we had it, nothing was going to change that. I knew the defense would buckle up and shut them down, and that was that, game over."

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