USF Player Spotlight: LB Ben Moffitt

In Saturday's 21-20 win against FIU linebacker Ben Moffitt came up big for the Bulls. He had eight tackles, and his forced fumble with 2:52 left got USF back in the game. In this interview Father Ben talks about the teams performance this season, the linebackers, the young defensive line, winning last weeks game, and more. Exclusively on! Get it first, get it fast!

Ben Moffitt

On getting the first few games in the books.
"It feels good to get the first game out of the way, you learn so much in the first game, just all the mistakes, you make most of your mistakes in the first few games, but you also learn the most between the first few games as well. I think we worked hard and made a goods effort, we just have to correct a few things and get on the same page." 

On playing a favorable schedule the first two games.
"The teams we played our very good schools, and they have decent programs. It may be a little better to iron out the wrinkles against smaller schools as opposed to opening up at Penn State like we did last year. So yeah, I think it does help work out the kinks and weaknesses, but I don't overlook anybody, and as a defense, as a team we don't want to overlook anybody. Any given Sunday, any given day you can get beat, so I don't overlook anybody, I don't care who the team is." 

On playing with a cast.
"Playing with the cast is all right, it limits your mobility as far as catching interceptions and things like that, but I'll have it off this week and I'll be fine."

On the play of the linebackers
"I think we work very hard, but I think we have to improve. We have to get better with each game. Each team we play gets tougher every week, so you can't be satisfied with your performance and stuff like that, so you have to work hard every week to better yourself. The linebackers are the leaders of the defense, so we have to step up and if guys aren't doing something right you have to tell them, and encourage them and get them right."

On the young defensive line
"I think our defensive line is coming along. They're going to do good things. They have worked really hard, their getting to know the veterans, they know the system, they know how to play, and they know how to get it done. We have guys who know that, and I think they're going to surprise a lot of people and be a good defensive line. Every year we've had people underestimate our defensive line, we had guys like Terrence Royal, Jon Simmons come out and have a great performance, stopping people, getting sacks, and scoring touchdowns. My first college game I made many mistakes, but each week you realize the mistakes you're making and you realize what you have to do to fix those mistakes, and you get better. The Line is getting better every week, and in five, six games into the season, hopefully they'll be playing like veterans, and they should be, it's expected. They just have to work hard, and they will be fine."

On forcing the fumble with 2:52 left in the game that led to the winning touchdown.
"The game was on the line, we didn't want to lose, and we had to make something happen. I just grabbed the ball and just pulled as hard as I could, and it just came out, and Clebert came up with it. Two plays later we scored, the rest is history. It might not have been how we planned it, but a win is a win."

On playing UCF on the road this week.
"There are a lot of things we have to clean up. They are are toughest team yet. We have to minimize our mistakes, focus on what we're doing wrong so we can fix it. We're going to go in this week, hold ourselves accountable and get it fixed, and hopefully come out with a win"

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