USFNation Q & A: Bulls DE Chris Robinson

In this exclusive series several USF players talk about the emotional 24-17 win against UCF, the Bulls third consecutive comeback victory. This segment features Bulls DE Chris Robinson. Only on

Chris Robinson

Do you see the USF vs. UCF game as a rivalry game?
This is going to be a new rivalry, like Miami-Florida, This will be the new I-4 rivalry. This was our first road game of the year, and it was big for us. The Fans were cheering, and we had to go to a no-huddle offense because it got so loud, but they had to do the same thing. 

What did coach Leavitt say to you at half time?
"Coach told me after I got the personal foul, not to lose my aggression, just keep playing, just keep it under control."

Describe the last play when you sacked Moffett to seal the win?
"We were in a base defense, it was a straight out run, we just had to get to the quarterback, and we did. If I didn't make the play Al (Cray) was there and he would have made the play but luckily I got there."

What did coach Leavitt say after you sacked Moffett and caused a fumble to preserve the win?
"He gave me a hug, and told me great job."

Do you feel vindicated making the big play after getting the personal foul earlier?
"My big bro of the team Brouce Mompremier, came up to me at halftime when I had my head down, and he said get your head up, keep your head up, you're going to make that play I promise you, your going to make that play. I made a few plays in the game, but it was that last big one he was talking about."

Do you feel more comfortable playing end instead of linebacker?
"I feel more comfortable in the pass rush because of my speed, but I feel like I want to be a linebacker, but I'll play where ever they need me to play, if they need me to play end, I'll play end, what ever it takes to help the team win."

Do you feel the defensive line is coming together?
"We're a young team, and were learning and maturing as a group, which is a good thing, we actually have a chance to start young and grow old. So we should have some real good chemistry later on."

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