USFNation Q & A: Bulls QB Matt Grothe

After leading USF to a thrilling victory over UCF, Bulls quarterback Matt Grothe gets ready for his third career start at Kansas this Saturday. See what the freshmen Bull has to say about the being named the Big East Player of the week, growing in to a leader, the upcoming game, and more in this exclusive interview. Only on!

What was your reaction to being named Big East player of the week?
Matt Grothe:
"I was surprised actually. I figured that Clayton from West Virginia would get it. I am just proud of my teammates for giving me the opportunity to win something like this."

"It says a lot, it says a lot for our team. Were getting more publicity that's going to help, but I defiantly wouldn't be able to do it if I didn't have the receivers and O-line that I do. Take Ean for example, he had a couple of catches that were only two yard passes that he turned into a 50 yard gain. I couldn't have done it without them."

Concerning how the team is being portrayed by the media
"We just have to keep doing what we are doing and win games. We will eventually prove people wrong."

Do you feel like you have grown since beginning of the season?
"Anybody is going to get better with more the more reps they get. I just need to keep getting reps in practice and limit the mistakes. The better we play as a team, the better we are going to look as individuals."

You seem a little more confident each game. Do you feel you are taking a leadership role with this offense?
"Yeah I have to. Coach has been saying that we need someone to step up. We have a lot of guys that are good leaders on a team, but it is just fun being out there and having the opportunity to do what I am doing now. The guys are listening to what I have to say, and I will listen to anything they have to say. As long as we get better and better each week, they will keep looking at me as the leader."

How did you like the crowd at the citrus bowl last week?
"I like that, I actually like going to the away games. The only thing I hate is when we have to fly. I'm going to hate this week. I like to fly. I just hate how we won't get home after the game until like 5:00 in the morning. I like playing in different atmospheres like that, and you get to see different places. I like playing in front of other people, because it's fun after you beat them, and your walking into the locker room and they're not yelling at you like they were before the game started."

With all the offense that you're producing, how's your body holding up?
Good surprisingly, I thought I was going to be sorer. I felt sore after the game Saturday, and thought I was going to wake up Sunday morning feeling dead, but it wasn't that bad.
It was tough playing in that heat. It had to be the hottest game we'll play all season. It was unreal. A couple times I thought I was going to pass out on the field.

What is the your opinion of Kansas this week
"From what I have heard, we have never beaten a Big 12 school so that will be something we can do for the first time in the school's history. I know they have a good defense. I have not looked at their offense. I am going to let my defense handle that. We are going to have a challenge this week with their defense though. I'm really looking forward to It, they will probably be the best defense we have seen, but we can definitely put some points on them this week if we play good enough, If we can put up some points on them, then we can put up points on anybody."

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