USF Bulls: Getting Ready For Kansas

The USF Bulls are getting ready for their biggest challenge of the season at Kansas this Saturday. See what Bulls linebacker Stephen Nicholas, and Cornerback Trae Williams have to say about the upcoming game against Kansas, the emotional victory at UCF last week, and more in this exclusive interview. Only on!

Stephen Nicholas

Was winning the USF vs. UCF game big in terms of recruiting?
"You don't want to lose any game,  most definitely,  but you don't want to lose a game like that for the recruiting aspect of it."

Do think the crowd at the Citrus Bowl was hostile?
"It was all right, but our crowd came in and they were awesome. They were loud, and for an away game to have the fans come out and give support like that, it's great."

How do you feel about your young freshmen quarterback's performance?
Who Grothe? Grothe, Grothe, I'm just joking Grothe is fantastic, but I expect that from him, so were going to let him keep going out and play."

How was the bus ride home from Orlando?
"It was a good bus ride, we enjoyed it that night, but we knew we had to get turned around for Kansas that's our main mindset now."

When did you start preparing for Kansas?
"Well, we enjoy our victory  that night, but the next day you wake up, come in and get some treatment from getting dinged up, get in the ice tub, watch some film, and start looking at Kansas Man."

Did you have any connections to Kansas?
"Nope, no friends, no players, right now it's a game versus Kansas, that's what it is. I'm ready to play them." 

Are you preparing for Kansas any differently?
"Nope, we practice the same, doesn't matter who your playing, we practice hard for everybody."

Trae Williams

How did it feel to leave Orlando  with the win?
"It felt good to go in there, in their stadium and get the win, it felt good, but it still just football."

How did it feel to get you third and fourth picks of the season?
"I don't usually go into games thinking about getting a pick, if it happens it happens. I‘m just in the right place at the right time, but it does feel pretty good. Now its time to get ready for Kansas."

Are you going to prepare any differently for this game?
I prepare for every game the same way, I work hard come in and watch film on the receivers and the offense,  you get a little more juiced up with all the hype, but we're just focusing on Kansas."

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